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Pasadena Proving Grounds 5 Results and Recap

Pasadena in  Los Angeles County California was the place to be Saturday night for some CAMO sanctioned MMA action.  Here are is a recap and results of the fighting action that took place in the Fight Academy cage.

Fight 1: Dorien Tharps vs. Jason Harris

Recap: Harris starts off the fight with a front kick which Tharps is able so parry and push Harris to the mat. Tharps jumps on Harris quickly and begins to ground and pound.  Tharps mounts and drops a couple of hard chingasos at which point the ref jumps in quickly and stops the fight.

Results:  It was a bit of a controversial stoppage, but nevertheless Tharps wins via referee stoppage. 

Fight 2: Kelvin Martell vs. Rocky Morales

Recap: Morales wastes no time in scoring a text book double leg takedown.  Martell attempts to get back up but Morales controls the ground game and then attempts a darce choke.  Somehow Martell escapes, reverses and then is able to put Morales in trouble with an rear naked choke attempt.  Morales escapes.   In round two Morales again quickly gets the fight to the ground where he secures taking the back.  Morales controls the position form there until Martell taps. 

Results: Morales wins via tap out. 

Fight 3: Dakota Hughes vs. Andre Williams

Recap: After a short feeling out process Hughes starts the fighting with some sort of crane kick that actually connect to the face of Williams.  Hughes then attempts to lock up a guillotine but Williams drives through Dakota and slams him to the mat.  The fight is stood up and late in the round Williams connects with a hard chingaso that sends Hughes to the Mat.  In round two the fighters stretch out the feeling out process until Williams is able to score a takedown.  Round three is a kicking exchange that Hughes seems to get the best of.  Late in the round Williams is able to score a takedown. 

Results: In a very close fight, Hughes pull out the judges decision. 

Fight 4: Ricardo Robles vs. Steven Ciaccio

Recap: Fighters start of with exchanging chingasos.  Ciaccio is a bit sharper and wins the stand up war. Robles hangs in an attempts to clinch with no luck. Ciaccio keeps the fight standing and eventually overwhelms Robles with pin point striking. 

Results: Ciaccio wins via ref stoppage

Fight 5: Trevor Yee vs. Xavier Avila

Recap: After some stand up fighting, Yee is able to get a clinch and then scores a takedown. Yee takes mount but Avila reverses.  The fight is stood up and towards the end of the round throws a kick that Avila catches and is able to score a takedown with. Yee starts the second round by jabbing his way in and then scoring a takedown.  Yee controls most of the round from within the guard of Avila. In round three Yee scores a takedown but then Avila reverses and is able to control the fight from Yee's guard.

Results:  In a very close fight, Avila wins via split decision.

Fight 6: Kenneth Hwang vs. Mitchel Tapia

Recap: The fight starts with some clinch fighting action.  Eventually, Hwang is able to get the takedown and quickly mounts.  Hwang begins a ground and pound attack which Tapia looks like he was going to be able to survive until he turned his back.  Hwang quickly slaps on the rear naked choke submission and Tapia succumbs to it. 

Results: Hwang via rear naked choke submission.

Fight  7: Jonathan Greene vs. Adam Otero

Recap: After a quick feeling out process and some chingasos that miss, the fight gets to the ground where Greene locks up a sick kimura.  Greene holds on to it and comes close to the finish but somehow Otero escapes.  In round two Otero quickly attempts a takedown but Greene is able to stay up against the fence.  Green locks up that kimura again but his time is able transition to a triangle.  This time Otero is not able to escape the tight submission.

Results: Greene wins via triangle choke submission in the main event.

Once again the Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena put on a good show and represented the sport in a positive way for Los Angeles County.  Stay tuned for information on the next MMA fight show. Photos will be up on our Facebook page.