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MMA Fights in El Monte Recap and Results

This weekend was big for MMA fans.  UFC 129 went down in Ontario, Canada, but if you were in the Los Angeles area, El Monte was the place to be for MMA action. Spar Star Promotions put together another great night of fights for their MMA event "Mayhem in El Monte 6". Their main event Friday night was an MMA action brawl that electrified the crowd and even put the main event for UFC 129 to shame.  Here's a quick recap and results of the eight fights that went down Friday night at Mayhem in El Monte 6.

Fight 1: Daniel Villigan vs. Richard Montono

Recap: After trading jabs early in the fight, the fighters jam each other up in a clinch.  Montono is able to establish undercooks in the clinch, gets a takedown and lands in mount. From the mount, Montono starts a ground and pound attack that finishes the fight.

Results: Montono by ref stoppage in the first round.

Fight 2: Andrew Secaida vs. Albert Lazaola

Recap: Lazaola scores a takedown early and is able to maintain top position for most of the round.  Secaida reverses late in the first. In the second , after a brief stand up skirmish, Lazaola is able to score a takedown and works from the top position. Secaida is able to get back up towards the end of the round but Lazaola's wrestling is too good and scores another takedown. In the third round, the fighters chose to stand a little longer and Lazaola is able to land a nice punch that puts Secaida on his back.  From there, Lazaola is able to maintain top position while peppering Secaida with some ground and pound.

Results: Secaida via Judges decision.

Fight 3: Michael Pollinger vs. Eric Chavez

Recap: Pollinger starts off the fight by throwing a John Wayne chingaso that almost lands.  The fight goes back and forth with some nice grappling action. Mid round the fight ends up back standing and Chavez lands a hard punch that puts Pollinger on his back.  The second round starts with both fighters attempting a stand up attack.  The fighters clinch and Pollinger able to get double under hooks. From there Pollinger is able to score a takedown and he mounts. The fight stays there for a while until Pollinger attempts an arm bar that fails.  Chavez is able to scramble out and then Pollinger is able to land a punch that almost knocks out Chavez.  The fight is close to being stopped but Chavez survives.  In the third round, Pollinger gets a takedown  and is able to take Chavez back.  The fight ends with Pollinger attacking from there.

Results:  In a fight of the night candidate, Pollinger wins via Judges decision. 

Fight 4: James Gomez vs. Ramiro Ruesqa

Recap: The fighters don't waste much time with their stand up and quickly engage get in a clinch.  Ruesqa attempts a judo throw but fails.  Gomez is able to score a single leg takedown and then takes Ruesqa's back.  Gomez works for the rear naked choke. Ruesqa defends for a while but eventually Ruesqa succumbs to the submission. 

Results: Gomez wins via rear naked choke submission.

Fight 5: Jose Diaz vs. Juan Cassano

Recap: Diaz scores a takedown and puts Cassano on his back.  Cassano looks comfortable working off his back and even shows flashes of rubber guard.  To start the second round, the fighters exchange some stand up.  Diaz lands some good punches but then gets taken down.  Cassano is unable to capitalize on the top position.  Diaz is able to reverse and get back on top with his wrestling skills.  To start off the third, Diaz is able to get the better of the stand up by landing some hard punches and then uses his wrestling to put Cassano on his back. 

Results: Diaz wins via judges decision.

Fight 6: Armen Bakanyan vs. Andy Cash

Recap: Cash comes out like a bull and as Bakanyan defends it looks like he loses his balance.  Bakanyan is forced to fight from his back but Cash can't take advantage. Late in the the round the fight gets back to standing and Bakanyan ends the round with a flying knee that connects.  Unfortunately for Bakanyan, that knee was illegal and he loses a point.  In round two Cash again charges like a bull and fights for a takedown. Bakanyan defends well.  Late in the round, Bakanyan takes advantage of Cash's aggression and is able to take his back.  Bakanyan slaps on the rear naked choke and finishes the fight.

Results: Bakanyan wins via rear naked choke submission.

Fight  7: Izic Fernandez vs. Cody Maltais

Recap: The fight starts off with an exhibition of boxing skills but neither fighter is able to take a significant advantage. In the second round, Fernandez is able to get the better of the boxing exchange and catches Maltais with punches that shake up Maltais.  Maltais is forced to attempt a takedown but ends up on the bottom.  Fernandez goes for the kill but makes a mistake leaving an arm out. Fernandez gets stuck in a triangle.  Fernandez is stuck for a while and in an attempt to escape he makes another mistake which Maltais capitalizes on.  Maltais  transitions from the triangle and and finishes with an arm bar with only two seconds left in the round.

Results: Maltais wins via armbar submission

Fight 8: Mark Oganesyan vs. Donovan Carboney

Recap: The first round is an all out rock em' sock em' robot bar brawl.  Both fighters land hard punches.  It looked like Oganesyan was going to take this one early, tagging Carboney and sending him into survival mode. But towards the end of the round Carboney takes control and sends Oganesyan into survival mode.  It looks like Carboney was gong to finish off Oganesyan but somehow some way, Oganesyan survives.  In round two its more of the same action packed chingasos fest with Caboney getting the better of Oganesyan.  Oganesyan is tough as nails and hangs in there but just takes too many hard shots.  Carboney sends him to the mat and then jumps on him like a hungry relentless lion.  The ref jumps in and stops the fight.

Results: Carboney wins via ref stoppage in the second round.

The main event, was truly a main event for those that like a stand up war!  The fights at Mayhem in El Monte 6 showcased all aspect of MMA and I'm sure the crowd left happy and satisfied with the MMA action.  Spar Star Promotions has another event coming up soon.  Stay tuned for details so you don't miss the opportunity to see some live MMA action.