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Cage vs Cons Results May 21

The MMA event Cage vs Cons took place last Saturday at the Los Angeles Sports arena.  Fans in attendance and the promoters of Cage vs Cons where both happy at the results as the fights were action packed.  MMA judges weren't very busy on this card as only one of the ten fights went the distance.  The matchmakers did a great job matching up these hungry fighters as they went after the MMA finish in Los Angeles! 

Results for Cage vs Cons:

The Main Event fight featured Ismael Gonzalez vs. "Notorious" Rick Slaton at 175 lbs.
Result: This one didn't take long as Gonzalez took the win via knockout punch in the first round.

In the Co-Main Event, at 155 lbs,  Joe Nicholas and Jason Meaders faced off in the cage.  Result: Nicholas wins via knockout punch with 47 seconds left in round three.

In a light heavyweight fight (205 lbs), Lateff Williams was matched up with Ralph Aáu.
Result: After three rounds, Williams takes the win via judges decision.

A middleweight (185 lbs) fight featured Vincent Alaalatoa vs. Benjamin Martin.
Result: Alaalatoa wins via ref stoppage at 1:13 of round one.

Fighting at 145 lbs was Anthony Mcdavitt vs Joseph Calavitta.
Result: Mcdavitt wins via ref stoppage in the second round.

In another quick ending fight was Shane Krutchen vs Brandon Anderson at 155 lbs.
Result: Krutchen wins via a kimura submission in the first round.

Meeting in the MMA cage at 175 lbs was Daniel McWilliams vs Preston Scharf.
Result: Scharf wins via ref stoppage in round one. 

In another light heavyweight match up was Corey Dennis vs Jessie Cannon.
Results: Dennis wins via ref stoppage in round one.

Mathew Gonzalez and Sal Farnetti, the super big boys or AKA super heavyweights got in the cage to mix it up.
Result: Gonzalez wins via ref stoppage in round one.

Meeting in the cage at 155 lbs was Hector Pena vs. Anthony TeSam.
Result:  Pena wins via guillotine choke in the first round. 

The promoters of the Cage vs Cons MMA event did an excellent job of promoting this event and reaching out to the casual fight fan.  They hyped up a natural rivalry but wrapped it within the sportsmanship of MMA. They also had music performances as well as a tattoo expo going on to make sure that attendees were fully entertained. I'm sure everyone was pretty happy with the results of the Cage vs Cons MMA event in Los Angeles.