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Best MMA Knockouts

Fighting in MMA is as real as it gets.  Unlike boxing, MMA fighters wear 4 ounce gloves and a well placed chingaso via a punch is going to rattle your brain.  Not to mention that you also have to worry about getting chin checked by a kick, or a knee, all while concentrating on staying out of submissions.  If you like knockouts in MMA, check out these two highlight videos put together by youtube user kinguppercut.  These videos showcase some of the best knockouts in MMA from 2010.  You can see the best knockouts not only from the UFC, but from Bellator, WEC, Dream and some other smaller MMA organizations. 

Here's MMA Knockouts Part 1.  Check out the video:

Want some more MMA knockout action?  Check out the chin checkin' and chingasos in MMA Knockouts Part 2

While losing sucks, and getting knocked out sucks even more, keep in mind these MMA fighters are true warriors and most of the come back to fight another day. Fighting in MMA isn't easy folks, tip your hat to these high level athletes that step into the cage or ring to represent this great combat sport.