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Worst MMA Injury Ever

Worst Injuries in MMA
What's the worst MMA injury ever?  Well, how about we take a look at some of the free mma videos on the internet and vote.  If you're squeamish, I would suggest you skip these MMA videos.  By the way, MMA isn't the only sport where extreme injuries happen.  As a matter of fact, injuries happen in all sports and even in non-sports.  So before you take a look at the videos, keep that in mind.  Also keep in mind that this vote is just for fun and to showcase some of the toughness these fighters exhibit.

The first candidate for worst MMA injury ever is a broken arm after a double leg takedown technique.  This might be a long shot to win, but I'm putting this video in the running due to how ready the fighter gets up after getting slammed and breaking his arm.                 

 The next candidate for worst MMA injury ever is a fight between submission specialist Shyna Aoki and Keith Wisniewski.  After fighting in the clinch position Aoki almost pulls off Wisniewski's arm.  Does anyone know the name of that technique?  Check out the video.

The next fight video, and probably the favorite to take the worst MMA injury ever, is a fight that took place at Cage Rage a few years back. Let's just say someone is going to save money on dancing shoes. Check out the video.

The final candidate for worst MMA injury ever goes down in a women's MMA fight. Not only was their an injury in this one, but it was one of the flashiest entries into the actual submission technique that caused the injury. Check out the fight video of  Megumi "Ninja Girl" Fujii breaking a leg, well actually more like breaking a foot or ankle. 

Go ahead and place your vote, and give some acknowledgement to these tough athletes and MMA fighters. These MMA injuries are no joke, but these fighters are tough.