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Mayhem in El Monte 6 MMA Fights

This weekend is going to be big for  MMA fans.  The UFC returns on Saturday with UFC 129 St Pierre vs Shields and if you're in the Southern California area, you can see some live MMA action Friday night at the CAMO sanctioned Mayhem in El Monte 6.

Chingasos MMA has been lucky enough to be able to attend a few of the Mayhem in El Monte shows and they never disappoint.  The action is always fast paced and the crowd is amazing.  The CAMO sanctioned fighters always go after it as winning means they can climb up the ladder in MMA. Spar Star Promotions does an awesome job putting these events together in a venue that's great for the fans and the fighters. 

Mayhem In El Monte 6 takes place on Friday April 29 at The Florentine Gardens. The Florentine Gardens is located at 12051 Garvey Avenue, El Monte, CA 91732-3109.  The doors Open at 7:00 p.m. and the fights start at 8:00 p.m. For tickets and info call 1-866-996-6278.  You'll also be able to get tickets at the door but get there early.

Come support the fighters, the sport and get warmed up for UFC 129 on Saturday by watching some live MMA action Friday night. By the way, this event will be another taping of Punch Tv's upcoming line up on Direct TV Channel 341, SPARSTAR MMA. 

Check out this free video of Grappling legend Bill Cooper as he faces Eric sterns at a Mayhem in El Monte show a few months ago.