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Twister Submission at UFC Fight Night 24

Last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 24, Chan Sung Jung a.k.a the Korean Zombie made MMA fans go wild as he pulled of the first twister submission in UFC history.  I almost committed a party foul by coming close to spilling my drink as I jumped out of my seat in amazement.  Luckily, I was able to hold on to my drink as the Korean Zombie held on to the twister and submitted Leonard Garcia.  

The twister submission was made famous by Eddie Bravo, but most experts see it as a low percentage submission that wouldn't work in high level MMA competition. The Korean Zombie surprised MMA experts!   

By pulling off the twister submission, Jung earned a post fight bonus of $55,000.  The UFC matched up Jung and Garcia in a re-match because of the chingasos trading war they engaged in during their first fight. I'm sure the UFC was looking for another exciting performance, but the twister submission being pulled off and making history was much more than what they probably expected.  This submission will go down as submission of the year, and possibly the decade!

Here's a free video of Chan Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie) vs. Leonard Garcia I found on youtube.  Check out the Zombie pulling off the twister submission.