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MMA in Los Angeles:Brood 9 Martial Arts

Last Sunday, Chingasos MMA  accepted an invitation from Anthony Eisenhower, head instructor at Brood 9 Martial Arts in Los Angeles, California. We were excited to see what was going on at their gym and took a Sunday morning drive to Brood 9 Martial Arts. 

The Sunday morning conditioning class at Brood 9 Martial Arts starts at 9:30 a.m. but we got there a little early and got to see Anthony do some pad work with their boxing and Muay Thai coach Khru Dan Peterson.  It was clear that Khru knew how to teach how to throw chingasos (boxing and Muay Thai strikes), and that Anthony knows how to throw them. Luckily, I was watching Anthony punch the pads, and not my face. 

Watching Khru and Anthony work answered any questions I might have had as to their MMA knowledge and abilities.  Once they were done, Anthony came over and we spoke for a bit about what they did at Brood 9 Martial Arts and some background on their gym.  Then, there was an "oh shit" moment..., Anthony invited me to join the class.  

Having had a tough workout Friday night, and then a tough submission grappling sparring session at Villa Parke in Pasadena on Saturday, I really wasn't in the mood for an MMA conditioning class.  Depending on the instructor, they can be mundane, and exhausting. But, when the head instructor at an MMA gym invites you to join the class, you join the class.  The worst thing that can happen is you get in better shape.

So I was in, I got on the Brood 9 Martial arts mat and began following Anthony's instructions.  As he started the warm up, I was pleasantly surprised.  He was including some fun movements in an easy to understand format.  Before I knew it, I had a good sweat going and I was having FUN! He continued the MMA conditioning class with more full body exercises and movements that weren't just applicable to MMA but fun as well.  I was starting to feel like a chingasos throwing ninja! 

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're looking for an MMA gym, you should definitely drop by Brood 9 Martial Arts and check them out.  Brood 9 is located at:6508 1/2 Arizona Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045. Call them at 310-679-1998 or visit their website www.Brood9.com.