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Kettlebell Training For MMA Workshop

A while back I did a review of the Combat Kettlebell Systems Volume 1 DVD.  Last Saturday I got the opportunity to attend the first ever Combat Kettlebell Workshop at So Cal MMA, an MMA gym in Los Angeles.  Joey Alvarado, creator of the Combat Kettlebell systems and co-owner of So Cal MMA led the kettlebell training for MMA workshop.  

To be honest, I thought the workshop would be fun, but I wasn't expecting to learn much.  Boy was I wrong!  If you enjoyed the DVD, the workshop was even better.  It was awesome to have the man himself walk you through the exercises, explain the correct technique and correct common mistakes.  It was also great to hear him talk about his experience and philosophy behind his method and it's application to MMA and other combat sports.  Joey did a great job of teaching and presenting his kettlebell training method.  Best of all, he did it in a down to earth and humble way.

An added benefit of the workshop was that it was a bit of a who's who in MMA and fitness in the Los Angeles area.  Mark De Grasse of www.MyMadMethods.com, Anthony Eishenhower of Brood 9 Martial Arts (www.Brood9.com), Samson Ramirez of Nutrition 4 Less (www.iWantN4L.com), Shawn Powers of www.UndergroundStrengthCamp.com, and MMA fighter and cardio machine Oscar Torres were all in attendance.  Not only were they in attendance, but during the breaks, they eagerly traded fitness tips, tricks and ideas.

Check out So Cal MMA student and cardio machine  Oscar Torres throwing chingasos! 

If you're looking for a tool to add to your strength and conditioning tool box, definitely get the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD.  If you get the chance to attend the workshop, I would highly advise you to jump at the opportunity. You will learn different methods on how to use kettlebell training for MMA.  Joey's kettlebell system will definitely enhance your MMA and or submission grappling game.  

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