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UFC 127 Results and Round Up

UFC 127 took place in Australia and while the location was desirable for the UFC, the results of the main event, BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch were definitely not.  Let's get right into what happened in the main event.

BJ Penn surprised many by not wasting any time, shooting right into Fitch and attempting a takedown.  Fitch was able to fight it off for a while, but after some back and forth clinch fighting against the fence, Penn again surprised everyone by finishing the takedown after a quick flurry of chingasos.  On the ground Penn dominated and at one point was then able to take Fitch's back.  Penn started going for a rear naked choke but Fitch was ready and able to fend it off.  Towards the end of the round Fitch was able to turn into Penn and wound up on top in Penn's guard.  Penn was able to stand back up before the round ended. 

In round two, BJ Penn again wasted no time in getting the fight into a clinch.  From the clinch he landed a vicious upward elbow chingaso that looked like it cut Fitch.  In another surprise Penn was able to outwrestle Fitch and score a takedown.  Penn then took the back and worked for the rear naked choke with no luck.  In a repeat of round one, Fitch was able to turn into Penn and ended up on top. Penn was able to get up again as the round came to a close.

In between rounds BJ Penn looked gassed, but fortunately for him it also looked like he was up on the score cards.  Fitch must have sensed it because he came out landing a vicious right hand chingaso to the side of Penn's head and then scored a clean crisp double leg takedown.  From there Fitch went into Fitch fighting mode, doing what he does best.  He smothered Penn and worked from inside the guard peppering Penn with chinagasos.  He wasn't landing them hard, but he was tenderizing Penn like a steak that's about to be grilled.   This round could have easily been scored a 10-8 round and apparently that's what the judges did.

The results where a draw.  One judge gave the fight to Fitch, but the other two scored it a draw. 

Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera got a lot of hype.  Rivera made some funny viral videos making fun of Bisping that really heated things up between the two.  Embarrassingly for Rivera, he couldn't back up the talk.  He came out like a lamb and not with the  "i'm going to kick your ass" attitude.  

The first round was very conservative but Bisping did land an illegal knee that stopped the fight for a few minutes.  Rivera was given some time to recover and the fight went on, but it didn't look like Rivera had much fight in him.  

In Round two, Rivera landed some chingasos early but then it was all Bisping after that.  Bisping backed Rivera up against the fence and then got his paypack for the trash talking.  Bisping landed chingaso after chingaso  until Rivera curled up into the fetal position almost begging for the ref to stop the fight.  

There was a bit of post fight drama when Bisping seemingly still upset refused Rivera's peace offering handshake.  After Bisping calmed down, he apologized when interviewed by Joe Rogan for his post fight antics. 

George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver looked more like a sparring match than a great MMA fight.  But, with the first round wrapping up, Siver did land a solid left hook chingaso that probably had Sotiropoulos seeing three or for Dennis Sivers in the cage.  Sotiropoulos went down but he was able to get back up.  Siver must have seen an opening because he landed that vicious left hook chingaso one more time before the round ended. 

Those two left hook chingasos where the highlight of the fight.  The fight turned into a sparring match after that with Sotiropoulos attempting some sporadic takedowns with no luck.

The results where no surprise as Siver was given the unanimous decision.

Tiquan Zhang vs Jason Reinhardt resulted in a quick first round submission.  I actually almost missed it as I was taking a sip of my beer when Reinhardt went in for a double leg takedown.  Zhang quickly and aggressively wrapped up a guillotine choke and did not let it go until he sent Reinhardt into dream land.  I don't think Reinhardt knew he lost until the ref woke him up.  

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole was an exciting three round fight.  Chris Lytle was throwing punches like he wanted to crack Ebersole's skull, but somehow Ebersole was able to avoid the vicious chingasos while squeaking out rounds.  Ebersole was also able to stay out of some tight guillotine attempts from Lytle and he pulled out the unanimous decision.

Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi was another quick fight.  Noke scored a takedown early, controlled Camozzi on the ground and then finished him off with a rear naked choke.