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UFC 127 Results and BJ Penn's Future

When was the last time BJ Penn had an easy fight?  Yup, I can't remember either.  The fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 127 will definitely not be one.  The result of this fight at UFC 127  will be the most significant driver of BJ Pen's future in the UFC to date. He can't afford a loss, but a win against a tough wrestler in Jon Fitch is going to be a daunting task. 

So how can BJ Penn insure a positive future in the UFC.  Obviously it's a win.  But how will a win happen versus Fitch? Fitch has a good chin and will be able to take Penn's punches.  Fitch is an outstanding wrestler and at some point will get the fight to the ground.  Fitch is excellent at staying out of submissions and he knows to grind out fights.

Winning against Fitch is going to require the best BJ Penn to enter the UFC cage that night.  A great takedown defense, crisp clean boxing, and a seamless strategy of attack when the fight hits the ground will all be required.  

Penn will have to keep Fitch guessing by utilizing all the tools in his MMA toolbox. If Penn can do this, he will be able to catch Fitch in a mistake or multiple mistakes. Penn is then going to have to be able to capitalize on those mistakes to insure positive results . If any of those aspects of BJ Penn's MMA game is missing or lackluster that night, he will lose.  

Penn is going to need all his MMA tools to work synergistically to win at UFC 127. Positive results at UFC 127 will insure a title shot for Penn in the near future.  A loss will surely stamp an enigmatic future in the UFC.