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Spinning Back Fist in MMA

The spinning back fist is one of those techniques that when used in MMA, it can cause devastating results.  The spinning back fist is not used often, but when a fighter tries it, and lands it, it's always a crowd favorite.  It almost looks like a super pimp slap.  I'm sure fighters hate getting hit with the super flashy chingaso!

Check out the fight video of Arthur Guseinov landing a spinning backfist on Tyson Jeffries at M-1 Challenge on July 8, 201.  This fight shows how sneaky, yet powerful the spinning back fist technique can be.

Check out this free MMA video of Daron Cruickshank using the spinning back fist in MMA to finish of a fight against Rick Stettner at King of The Cage. 
That was a nice spinning back fist in MMA, but this one from Yahir Reyes taking out Estevan Payan at Bellator might even be better.  Check out the MMA video.  Wow! 

The ladies in MMA aren't strangers to the spinning back fist either.  Check out Jenny Yum vs Lindsay Jones in Tuff-N-Uff last Summer.  Jenny tries the spinning back fist once and misses, but she doesn't give up.  She tries the spinning back fist again and bam!  Lands it to KO Jones. 

When you wake up inside an MMA cage and you have to ask "What happened?"  What happened is probably not what you were hoping for.  Check out this MMA fight of Floyd Irons vs Chris Matthews.  The spinning back fist strikes again! 
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