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Quake in The Cage 4 Fight Videos

Last week, on February 13th, Ring of Fire and Old School Promotions put on their fourth installment of their MMA event "Quake in the Cage". These MMA fights were sanctioned by the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO). Chingasos MMA was invited to check out the action and we were able to bring back some video.  

Daniel Ochoa vs JP Bwrede
Nicholas Navarro vs. Jeff Deutschmann

James Wilson vs. Norman Flores
*Coming Soon*
Kenneth Glover vs. Fernando Vargas 

Brock Combs vs. Jeffrey Mandell

Matt Prince vs. Terrion Ware

James Puncel vs. Jorge Sanchez

Dylan Martinez vs. Anthony Williams

Kenji John Tanaka vs. Frank Amo
*Coming Soon*

Paul Uhl vs. Isaac Velasco 

Ryan Sorenson vs. Jonathon Soler

Brad Crhfield vs. Akkim Lee