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Kettlebell MMA Strength and Conditioning

The kettlebell has been used as a workout tool in many workout programs.  There are a lot of videos on how to use the kettlebell to exercise.  There are a lot of videos on MMA strength and conditioning programs.  But, there aren't many videos on how to use the kettlbell to improve strength and conditioning specifically for the sport of MMA. Former MMA fighter, and head trainer at So Cal MMA & Fitness, saw the need for such a program and created the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD. 

 Joey Alvarado In MMA  

Joey Alvarado used his extensive experience in MMA and competitive grappling to develop  his strength and conditioning program utilizing the kettlebell.  Combat Kettlebell Systems is a unique blend of MMA movements combined with specially created kettlebell exercises to help improve strength and conditioning for MMA. This strength and conditioning program stands above others in the sense that it is specifically designed for MMA and other combat sports, but anyone wanting to get in better shape can use it as well to propel their fitness to another level.  

In the first part of the video, Joey goes over each of the exercises/drills utilizing the kettlebell.  Even if you don't do the workouts in the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD, these exercises can be implemented in your own personal workout program to increase the intensity, add variety or just to keep things fresh and fun.  

I've been doing fitness coaching for over 10 years, I run www.FatX101.com and I also run a boot camp in Pasadena, California. While watching the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD, I was very impressed with the variety of unique exercises shown in the video. I will definitely be borrowing some of these great exercises for my own personal workouts, as well as my FX Boot Camp!! I would suggest you get your copy of Combat Kettlebell Systems and have it in your fitness tool box as well.  

Combat Kettle Bell Systems Intro video

If you're in the Los Angeles area, and you're looking for an MMA gym, check out So Cal MMA & Fitness located at 5025 York Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90042.  You can also visit their website www.SoCalMMAFitness.com 

Joey will be hosting a Kettlebell workshop on February 26th. If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out the Facebook Invite. For more info on Combat Kettlebell Systems visit www.CombatKettlebellSystems.com

Here's another free MMA video of Joey Alvarado at CFC (Crown Fighting Championship)submitting an opponent with the armbar submission.