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Fight Club O.C. Results

On Thursday February 24th, Fight Club O.C. by Roy Englebrecht Promotions put together a  fight card at The Hangar in the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa which included MMA and boxing.  The fight card consisted of five boxing matches and two MMA match ups. Frank Zepeda from Chingasos MMA was on hand and put together the following write up on the fights.  Check it out.

By Frank Zepeda:
Chingasos were thrown all night long as the warriors endured some serious punishment to become victorious.  The boxing matches were of superb quality.  Nationally represented fighters came together for some great matches.  

The featured boxing match was a Jr. Welterweight bout between Hector "Teco" Serrano (13-2 5 KO) vs. Aris Amriz (15-1-1 18 KO).  This was a non-stop chingaso filled match. Ambriz overcame a hard push from Serrano to take the unanimous decision.  Congratulations to Ambriz and his fight camp.  

The boxing was entertaining, however, the main reason Chingasos MMA was at Fight Club O.C. was for the mixed martial arts action.  The MMA matches were fought in a  traditional boxing.

UFC 127 Results and Round Up

UFC 127 took place in Australia and while the location was desirable for the UFC, the results of the main event, BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch were definitely not.  Let's get right into what happened in the main event.

BJ Penn surprised many by not wasting any time, shooting right into Fitch and attempting a takedown.  Fitch was able to fight it off for a while, but after some back and forth clinch fighting against the fence, Penn again surprised everyone by finishing the takedown after a quick flurry of chingasos.  On the ground Penn dominated and at one point was then able to take Fitch's back.  Penn started going for a rear naked choke but Fitch was ready and able to fend it off.  Towards the end of the round Fitch was able to turn into Penn and wound up on top in Penn's guard.  Penn was able to stand back up before the round ended. 

In round two, BJ Penn again wasted no time in getting the fight into a clinch.  From the clinch he landed a vicious upward elbow chingaso that looked like it cut Fitch.  In another surprise Penn was able to outwrestle Fitch and score a takedown.  Penn then took the back and worked for the rear naked choke with no luck.  In a repeat of round one, Fitch was able to turn into Penn and ended up on top. Penn was able to get up again as the round came to a close.

UFC 127 Results and BJ Penn's Future

When was the last time BJ Penn had an easy fight?  Yup, I can't remember either.  The fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 127 will definitely not be one.  The result of this fight at UFC 127  will be the most significant driver of BJ Pen's future in the UFC to date. He can't afford a loss, but a win against a tough wrestler in Jon Fitch is going to be a daunting task. 

So how can BJ Penn insure a positive future in the UFC.  Obviously it's a win.  But how will a win happen versus Fitch? Fitch has a good chin and will be able to take Penn's punches.  Fitch is an outstanding wrestler and at some point will get the fight to the ground.  Fitch is excellent at staying out of submissions and he knows to grind out fights.

Winning against Fitch is going to require the best BJ Penn to enter the UFC cage that night.  A great takedown defense, crisp clean boxing, and a seamless strategy of attack when the fight hits the ground will all be required.  

Penn will have to keep Fitch guessing by utilizing all the tools in his MMA toolbox. If Penn can do this, he will be able to catch Fitch in a mistake or multiple mistakes. Penn is then going to have to be able to capitalize on those mistakes to insure positive results . If any of those aspects of BJ Penn's MMA game is missing or lackluster that night, he will lose.  

Penn is going to need all his MMA tools to work synergistically to win at UFC 127. Positive results at UFC 127 will insure a title shot for Penn in the near future.  A loss will surely stamp an enigmatic future in the UFC. 

Mayhem in El Monte 5 Results

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On Friday February 18th, Spar Star Promotions brought MMA fans "Mayhem in El Monte 5".  The rain didn't deter MMA fans that wanted to see chingasos on this night. The Florentine Gardens in El Monte was busy with fight fans eager to check out some MMA action.

Leading off Mayhem In El Monte 5 was a middleweight match up between fighter Kevin Bostick (Pimpit) vs. Gukkas Stepanyan (Hyastan Academy).

Round 1
After a short feeling out process, Bostick landed a hard right that sent Stepanyan stumbling to the ground. Bostick didn't waste any time jumping into a ground and pound assault from a side position.  Gukkas could do nothing to fend off the chingasos and the fight was stopped. 

Kevin Bostick wins via ref stoppage in the first round. 

Quake in The Cage 4 Fight Videos

Last week, on February 13th, Ring of Fire and Old School Promotions put on their fourth installment of their MMA event "Quake in the Cage". These MMA fights were sanctioned by the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO). Chingasos MMA was invited to check out the action and we were able to bring back some video.  

Daniel Ochoa vs JP Bwrede
Nicholas Navarro vs. Jeff Deutschmann

Fedor's Eye Blasted, Is He Done In MMA?

After getting his eye blasted and losing again, the question amongst MMA fans lingers, "Is Fedor Done in MMA?"  In his post fight interview after losing to Antonio Silva in Strikeforce last Saturday, there was a moment were he eluded to being done.  There seemed to be a collective  "say it ain't so"   moment as MMA fans heard this. 

Fedor's loss on Saturday was his second in a row. This loss was a tough one. His eye was blasted shut with chingasos from a huge man in Silva.  While he lost, the fact remains that Fedor survived the punishing round where his eye was hurt. Fedor was dominated that round, but he actually finished the round by going for a submission. He would have come out for round 3, but the fight was stopped due to the eye.  Fedor lost, but he wasn't submitted nor was he knocked out.

If the fight would have continued, I don't think Fedor would have had an answer for Silva.  Fedor has survived and won against big heavyweights before, but not only is Silva huge (weighed in at 264), he's a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) black belt with an MMA record of 16-2.  (Silva's last loss was against the only man to beat Fedor, Fabrico Werdum in 2009)

What was made glaringly clear in this fight was the evolvement of MMA and Fedor's future in the heavyweight division.  Fedor dominated the heavyweight division in the Pride organization, but we now know that many of those fighters were not as evolved in the sport as they are now.  

Fedor weighed in for this fight at 230 lbs. Competing against Silva made it clear that he can no longer dominate MMA in the heavyweight division.   Fighters in MMA are better now, and in the heavyweight division, just too big for Fedor to be dominant. While many might think he's done in MMA, I believe he's not done in MMA, he's done in the heavyweight division.

Randy Couture is a great example of how someone about Fedor's weight can cut weight and make the light heavyweight division (205 lbs). I think Fedor still has the skills to dominate, but with the evolvement of fighters in MMA, it will have to be done in the light heavyweight division.  

Quake in The Cage 4 Results

Live from Santa Ana, California on February 13 was Quake in the Cage 4, pre-Valentine's Day gift for MMA fans.  This cage fighting event was put on by Ring of Fire and Old School Promotions.  The California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) sanctioned the fights.

All the fighters were ready to get in the cage and throwdown. However, before the action began, Ring of Fire decided to do a tribute for Rudy Valentino Ochoa, a fighter who passed away this past week. In a classy move, Ring of Fire decided to start a collection and to donate part of the proceeds to Rudy’s family. Since Rudy was a rock singer, rather than put on a minute of silence, the crowd honored him with 30 seconds of noise. 
Now on to the MMA action in Santa Ana:

Spinning Back Fist in MMA

The spinning back fist is one of those techniques that when used in MMA, it can cause devastating results.  The spinning back fist is not used often, but when a fighter tries it, and lands it, it's always a crowd favorite.  It almost looks like a super pimp slap.  I'm sure fighters hate getting hit with the super flashy chingaso!

Check out the fight video of Arthur Guseinov landing a spinning backfist on Tyson Jeffries at M-1 Challenge on July 8, 201.  This fight shows how sneaky, yet powerful the spinning back fist technique can be.

Check out this free MMA video of Daron Cruickshank using the spinning back fist in MMA to finish of a fight against Rick Stettner at King of The Cage. 
That was a nice spinning back fist in MMA, but this one from Yahir Reyes taking out Estevan Payan at Bellator might even be better.  Check out the MMA video.  Wow! 

Mayhem in El Monte 5

On Friday February 18th, MMA returns to El Monte. Sparstar Promotions brings back the 5th installment of their popular MMA event "Mayhem in El Monte".  Mayhem in El Monte 5 will be a CAMO sanctioned MMA event and will take place at the Florentine Gardens in El Monte.  This event will be filmed for a Nationwide Broadcast (also Canada) of a SparStar Promotions weekly hourly show "SparStarMMA" on PunchTV Network, launching later this year.

Sparstar Promotions puts on good shows, so if you've been itching to watch some MMA action a.k.a cage fighting, definitely look into getting some tickets for this event.  Sparstar promotions has done a great job using The Florentine Gardens as venue for MMA.  The MMA cage is perfectly located inside the venue of easy viewing of the fights.  They also have a full bar and areas to relax in between fights.  

Check out this free MMA video of a  fight at the last Mayhem in El Monte event.  Grappling legend Bill Cooper faces Eric sterns in the CAMO Championship final. 

Here's a quick highlight video of when Chingasos MMA visited the Spartstar event, Mayhem in El Monte, on July 30th, 2010. There was plenty of chingasos that night, and I'm sure there will be plenty at Mayhem in El Monte 5. 

The Florentine Gardens is located at 12051 Garvey Avenue, El Monte, CA 91732-3109. You can purchase tickets at the door.  Tickets are $35. 

Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin UFC 126

The co-main event at UFC 126 featured Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin. Fight fans had been looking forward to this fight, as both Griffin and Franklin share many similarities. Griffin and Franklin are both former UFC champions. Because of their easygoing personality and great fighting skills, they are both fan favorites. Griffin and Franklin also like standing, throwing chingasos and ending fights with their hands. (They both received devastating chingasos from Anderson Silva, but that’s another story.) However, the question remained, would their match up at UFC 126 live up to expectations or simply fizzle?

In round 1, Griffin and Franklin showed their respect for each other by coming out with a cautions feeling out process. Both Griffin and Franklin, threw their own kick to gage a reaction. Franklin threw another kick, which Griffin caught and used to get a takedown. Franklin put Griffin in the guard, and Griffin tried to get out. Franklin was able to keep Griffin in the guard despite all of Griffin’s pass attempts. The round ended with Griffin throwing some chingasos, in the form of ground and pound.

UFC 126 Results

UFC 126 Silva vs Belfort went down today,Saturday February 5th, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the UFC 126 results.

Main Card
UFC 126 results for Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort, were surprising to some, but expected for others. Anderson Sliva knocks out Vitor Belfort in the first round and holds on to the UFC middleweight title. 

Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin:
Forrest Griffin wins in a unanimous decision.

Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones
Results for this fight didn't disappoint Jon Jones fans.  Jones dominates and wins via a guillotine choke submission in the second round.

Kettlebell MMA Strength and Conditioning

The kettlebell has been used as a workout tool in many workout programs.  There are a lot of videos on how to use the kettlebell to exercise.  There are a lot of videos on MMA strength and conditioning programs.  But, there aren't many videos on how to use the kettlbell to improve strength and conditioning specifically for the sport of MMA. Former MMA fighter, and head trainer at So Cal MMA & Fitness, saw the need for such a program and created the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD. 

 Joey Alvarado In MMA  

Joey Alvarado used his extensive experience in MMA and competitive grappling to develop  his strength and conditioning program utilizing the kettlebell.  Combat Kettlebell Systems is a unique blend of MMA movements combined with specially created kettlebell exercises to help improve strength and conditioning for MMA. This strength and conditioning program stands above others in the sense that it is specifically designed for MMA and other combat sports, but anyone wanting to get in better shape can use it as well to propel their fitness to another level.  

In the first part of the video, Joey goes over each of the exercises/drills utilizing the kettlebell.  Even if you don't do the workouts in the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD, these exercises can be implemented in your own personal workout program to increase the intensity, add variety or just to keep things fresh and fun.  

I've been doing fitness coaching for over 10 years, I run www.FatX101.com and I also run a boot camp in Pasadena, California. While watching the Combat Kettlebell Systems DVD, I was very impressed with the variety of unique exercises shown in the video. I will definitely be borrowing some of these great exercises for my own personal workouts, as well as my FX Boot Camp!! I would suggest you get your copy of Combat Kettlebell Systems and have it in your fitness tool box as well.  

Combat Kettle Bell Systems Intro video

If you're in the Los Angeles area, and you're looking for an MMA gym, check out So Cal MMA & Fitness located at 5025 York Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90042.  You can also visit their website www.SoCalMMAFitness.com 

Joey will be hosting a Kettlebell workshop on February 26th. If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out the Facebook Invite. For more info on Combat Kettlebell Systems visit www.CombatKettlebellSystems.com

Here's another free MMA video of Joey Alvarado at CFC (Crown Fighting Championship)submitting an opponent with the armbar submission.