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UFC Fight For the Troops 2 Results

UFC Fight For the Troops 2 Results
By Ricardo Robles

The UFC put on a show January 22 in Fort Hood Texas. Fight for the Troops 2 was an event the UFC put on as a fund raiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which works to treat American soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury. The main event of the night was…
Evan Dunham v. Melvin Guillard
Dunham shot in for a single and eventually got Guillard down and against the fence. Guillard got up and caught Dunham with some chingasos. Guillard caught Dunham with a straight right that put Dunham on the mat. Dunham shot in for a single, but only caught hammer fists. Dunham ended up against the cage, and Guillard threw chingasos, in the form of knees, that ended the fight.  
Guillard won by TKO.  The results of this fight surprised many in MMA. 

Matt Mitrione v. Tim Hague
Mitrione came out firing shots. Hague caught a leg kick and went for a single leg. Mitrione fought it off, and the fight continued in the center of the cage. Mitrione put Hague on the mat with a straight left. Hague got back up and Mitrione continued with more chingasos. Mitrione caught Hague with another straight left and put him on the mat again. Mitrione followed Hague to the mat and went for ground and pound. The ref jumped in to stop the fight.
Mitrione won by TKO

Mark Hominick v. George Roop
Hominick landed a straight chingasos that put Roop on the mat. Hominick let Roop up and Hominick kept the pressure on. He put Roop on the mat again and landed another chingaso on the ground. The ref jumped in to stop the fight.
Hominick won by TKO.

Pat Barry Joey Beltran
Round 1
The men clinched and got up against the cage. Beltran threw some shots and tried to get a takedown. Barry held it off until the ref broke it up. Barry caught Beltran with kicks. Beltran clinched up and threw chingasos. The ref broke up the clinch when Beltran caught Barry with a knee to the groin.
Round 2
Barry caught Beltran with a hard leg kick. Barry threw a couple of head kicks that Beltran blocked. Beltran clinched and went for a takedown. Barry fought if off and the ref ended up separating the fighters. Barry caught Beltran with leg kicks and a head kick. Beltran kept bringing the fight landing his own chingasos to end the round.
Round 3
Both men came out and threw and landed kicks to the head. Beltran pinned Barry against the cage and caught him with some chingasos. Barry poked Beltran in the eye and the action stopped for the doctor to check on Beltran. When the action started again, Barry caught Beltran on the leg and knocked him to the mat. Barry ended up on top and went after Beltran’s leg with punches. After the fight got back to standing, Barry threw more leg shots. Beltran held on and survived the round.
Barry won the unanimous decision.

Cole Miller v. Matt Wiman
Round 1
Wiman came out aggressively, stalking Miller. Both fighters would clinch and separate. After releasing the clinch, Miller threw chingasos each time. The fighters clinched once again and Miller jumped up for a flying triangle attempt. Miller threw him down and put on some ground and pound as the round came to an end.
Round 2
Wiman grabbed the neck, but as they went down, Miller was able to reverse. The fight stood up and Wiman threw Miller to the ground and threw chingasos. Wiman threw chingasos standing and got Miller with a knee. Miller fell to the mat and Wiman followed him, throwing more chingasos. While on the ground, Wiman kept stacking Miller and kept on with the ground and pound.
Round 3
Wiman kept the pressure on with more chingasos. Wiman grabbed Miller’s neck and got the fight to the ground in top position. Wiman continued with more ground and pound from inside the guard.
Wiman won the unanimous decision. 

The following fights were free on the internet
Cody McKenzie v Yves Edwards
Round 1
McKenzie threw chingasos and shot in for a takedown. McKenzie got the fight to the ground, but Edwards was able to get back up. McKenzie grabbed arms, legs, wrists, ankles, anything in an attempt to get the fight to the ground. 
Round 2
Edwards threw chingasos and stunned McKenzie. Edwards was relentless, coming with everything he had. However, McKenzie was not done and threw spinning back elbows to throw Edwards off. McKenzie got the fight to the ground and took Edward’s back. McKenzie moved to side control then to a half guard ride where he threw chingasos. He got the back again and secured the position with a body triangle, and threw chingasos again from that position. Edwards reversed and got mount, took the back and worked the rear naked choke. McKenzie would not tap and went to sleep.
Edwards won by submission.

DaMarques Johnson v. Mike Guymon
Guymon shot in but only got a clinch. Johnson ended up getting the takedown and worked top position. Johnson ended up in full mount and then took the back. Johnson put a body triangle and Guymon tapped from the pressure to the spine. 
Johnson won by submission.

Mike Brown v. Rani Yahya
Round 1
Yahya snatched a single and tried to snatch a neck but Brown fought it off. Yahya went for an arm-in- guillotine. Yahya kept the pressure on and would not let of Brown. Yahya kept trying to get the fight to the ground.
Round 2
The fighters clinched up and Brown lifted Yahya. Yahya snatched Brown’s neck, so Brown had to be cautious. Brown threw Yahya to the ground, but Yahya still had the neck. Brown got out and tried to ground and pound. Yahya swept Brown, and they got back up. The fight got back to the ground, and Brown went for a front headlock choke.
Round 3
Yahya shot in quickly for a takedown. Yahya ended up on top and worked his way to the back. Yahya locked in a body triangle as he threw chingasos. Yahya hit Brown in the back of the head a few times. The ref stopped the fight and took a point from Yahya for hitting the back of the head. When the ref restarted the fight, Yahya shot right back in. Brown ended up in top position, but Yahya got the reversal.
Yahya won by decision.

Waylon Lowe v. Willamy Freire
Round 1
Lowe shot in for a double and a quick takedown. Freire was stuck. Freire went for a kimura from the bottom. The referee, not realizing that Freire was working the submission, stood the fight up. Lowe threw and landed a chingaso to get the fight down back to the mat.
Round 2
Lowe got another good chingaso, and shot in for a takedown. Freire was able to stuff the shot, but was pinned against the fence before they finally released. Lowe shot in again and got the fight back to the mat. Freire shot a triangle from the bottom, but Lowe started to lift him up and Freire let go. With the action stalled on the ground, the ref stood the fight up. Lowe threw another left to set up yet another takedown.
Round 3
Lowe shot in for takedown but Freire easily stuffed it. Freire stuffed yet another attempt, and Lowe played possum on the ground. Lowe suddenly shot in for a takedown, but Freire got the reversal and took top position. Freire threw chingasos from the half guard. Lowe was able to get back up and shoot for another takedown. While at the bottom, Freire went for another unsuccessful kimura.
Lowe won the unanimous decision.

Charlie Brenneman vs. Amilcar Alves (unaired)
Brenneman won the unanimous decision.

Will Campuzano v. Chris Cariaso (unaired) 
Cariaso won the unanimous decision.