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Terrion Ware vs. Rocky Morales

Pasadena, California was the site of Proving Grounds 4, amateur MMA at its best. The California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) sanctioned event featured 10 exciting fights. Kicking off the action was:
Terrion Ware (Academy of Mixed Marital Science AMMS, 1-2) vs. Rocky Morales (SoCal MMA, 0-0)
Round 1
Morales came in right away with kicks, and shot in for the takedown. He worked the ground and pound (gnp) then went for a straight ankle lock. Ware worked at defending, but Morales ended up on top, in side control. Morales worked more gnp to end the round.
Round 2
Morales came in with a kick but Ware caught it. However, Morales got the takedown. They worked their way back up, but Morales got another takedown. Ware was able to put Morales in the guard. Morales worked the gnp but then the action slowed too much. The ref stood up the fight, and Morales was able to get another takedown.
Round 3
Morales threw a faint and Ware took advantage to land an overhand right. Morales quickly clinched and got another takedown. Morales went for more gnp, but Ware locked him down. The warning bell rang, and Morales was able to unleash more gnp.

Morales won the unanimous decision. 
Here is the fight video.