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Proving Grounds 4 Weigh In Results

Proving Grounds 4
Weigh In Results
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The fighters have weighed in at the Fight Academy in Pasadena and are ready to throw chingasos at Proving Grounds 4. 

Terrion Ware (Academy of Mixed Marital Science AMMS) 134.2
Rocky Morales (SoCal MMA) 133.0

Jose Omar Padilla (Team ICE) 151.0
Jonathan Del Rosario (Submission Factory) 153.8

Matt Reis (Fight Academy) 144.4
Adrian Ramirez (Submission Factory) 144.4

Nick Huizar (Fight Academy) 185.6
Jarred Rhodes (West Coast Renegades) 177.4

Kelvin Martel (Fight Academy) 130.8
Cameron Harris (Punch Kick Grapple PKG) 134.8

Isaac Velasco (Academy of Mixed Marital Science) 145.2
Rene Connant (Submission Factory) 141.4

Eddie Estrada (Sityodtong) 153.4
Chad Rains (West Coast Renegades) 154.6

Anthony Hernandez (Fight Academy) 183.4
Lou Tapia (Punch Kick Grapple PKG) 181.6

Anthony Olivas (Blood Bank) 155.8
Reshaun Seberatnum (Punch Kick Grapple PKG) 154.4

Ray Phillips (Fight Academy) 251.6
Dave Barry (Punch Kick Grapple PKG) 246.8

Check back in for a round by round recap of Proving Grounds 4 and fight videos.