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Nick Huizar vs. Jarred Rhodes

For the fourth fight of the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4, two excellent wrestlers pitted their skills against each other. The two fighters were:
Nick Huizar (Fight Academy, 2-1) vs. Jarred Rhodes (West Coast Renegades, 0-1)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging. Huizar trapped Rhodes against the cage and went for a standing guillotine. Huizar snapped Rhodes down to the mat twice, but Rhodes got back up each time. Huizar went for the takedown and ended up in mount.
Round 2
Rhodes went for a head kick, but Huizar caught it and went for the takedown. Rhodes defended and got his own takedown. Rhodes went for ground and pound as Huizar tried to defend.
Round 3
Both men clinched, but it was Rhodes that got the takedown. Huizar worked his way to top position in half guard. Rhodes was able to reverse and the fight got back to standing. The fight got back to the ground with Huizar trying to take the back. Rhodes got top position and threw punches from the top as the fight ended.

Rhodes won the unanimous decision. 

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