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Matt Reis vs. Adrian Ramirez

In the third fight of the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4, there were two skilled ground fighters. Ready to throw chingasos were:
Matt Reis (Fight Academy, 2-0) vs. Adrian Ramirez (Submission Factory, 0-0)
Round 1
Reis landed a right and a left hook that stunned Ramirez. Ramirez shot in for the takedown. Reis defended and went for a guillotine. Ramirez kept defending as Reis kept readjusting and working the guillotine. The fighters stood up with Reis going behind Ramirez and getting a suplex. Reis took the back and held Ramirez with a body triangle as the round ended.
Round 2
Ramirez threw a sidekick that caught Reis. Ramirez and Reis engaged in the middle of the cage and both men threw chingasos. Ramirez threw a kick that Reis caught and used to get a takedown and go straight to the mount. Reis worked for the guillotine once again. This time Reis was able to sink it in and get the tap.

Reis by guillotine submission. 

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