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Jose Omar Padilla vs. Jonathan Del Rosario

The second fight at Proving Grounds 4, a CAMO sanctioned fight in Pasadena, California had:
Jose Omar Padilla (Team ICE, 0-0) vs. Jonathan Del Rosario (Submission Factory, 1-1)
Round 1
The two fighters exchanged kicks, to open up the action. Padilla threw a head kick and Del Rosario went in for the takedown. Del Rosario worked his way to side control as Padilla hung on to him. With Padilla still holding on, Del Rosario went to the mount and moved Padilla against the cage. Padilla gave up his back and Del Rosario tried to go for the finish.
Round 2
Del Rosario threw punches to get to the clinch. From the clinch, Del Rosario threw knees before releasing. Both men circled the cage before the fight hit the floor. Del Rosario was able to take the back again.
Round 3
Padilla threw a head kick, but Del Rosario blocked it. Both men clinched and Del Rosario got the takedown. Del Rosario took Padilla’s back and worked to get an opening for the finish. Del Rosario sunk in the choke, but the final bell rang to end the fight.

Del Rosario got the unanimous decision. 

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