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Isaac Velasco vs. Rene Connant

The sixth fight at Proving Grounds 4, the CAMO sanctioned event in Pasadena, California, featured two men ready for chingasos. The two men were:
Isaac Velasco (Academy of Mixed Marital Science, 1-1) vs. Rene Connant (Submission Factory, 0-0)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging and clinched up against the fence. Velasco got the takedown with side control, and threw knees to the body. Connant got back up, but Velasco threw him back down to the mat. Connant was able to put Velasco back in the guard.
Round 2
The fighters came out a little more cautiously, but still throwing chingasos. Connant changed levels and went for a takedown. Velasco defended and ended up with the takedown.
Round 3
Connant came out more aggressively. Velasco was able to get the plum position and throw knees. Velasco got Connant to the ground and took his back. He threw chingasos and worked to the mount where he threw more ground and pound. Connant gave up his back and Velasco tried to go for the finish.

Velasco won the unanimous decision. 

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