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Eddie Estrada vs. Chad Rains

In the seventh fight at Proving Grounds 4, the CAMO sanctioned event in Pasadena, California, the two fighters ready to entertain were:
Eddie Estrada (Sityodtong, 0-0) vs. Chad Rains (West Coast Renegades, 0-1)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging and clinched up against the fence. Estrada trapped the neck and threw knees. The fighters released, but Estrada was able to grab the neck once again and throw more knees.
Round 2
Once again, the men clinched and each worked their dirty boxing. Estrada secured the neck and went back to throwing knees. Estrada threw a kick, Rains got the takedown, but Estrada reversed.
Round 3
Estrada once again got the plum position and threw knees. With the warning bell, Rains was able to escape the position and threw chingasos that missed.
Estrada won the unanimous decision.