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Anthony Olivas vs. Reshaun Seberatnum

In the ninth fight at Proving Grounds 4 in Pasadena, California, the two fighters eager to step in the cage and throw chingasos were:
Anthony Olivas (Blood Bank, 1-1) vs. Reshaun Seberatnum (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 2-3)
Round 1
The fighters clinched with Seberatnum putting Olivas against the fence. The action stalled and the referee broke up the clinch. The men once again clinched and Seberatnum put Olivas against the fence.
Round 2
The men clinched and each fighter took turns holding dominant position against the cage. Seberatnum had Olivas against the fence when the referee broke it up. Both men came back to the clinch with Seberatnum holding dominant position.
Round 3
Olivas clinched and put Seberatnum against the fence. The fight went to the ground and Seberatnum took the back. Seberatnum threw chingasos to soften up Olivas.

Seberatnum won the unanimous decision. 

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