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Anthony Hernandez vs Lou Tapia

In the eight fight of the night at the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4 in Pasadena, California, the two highly capable fighters were:
Anthony Hernandez (Fight Academy, 3-0) vs. Lou Tapia (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 2-1)
Round 1
Tapia threw punches to get into the clinch. He put Hernandez against the cage, but Hernandez got out, landing his own chingaso. Tapia once again went for the takedown, but Hernandez was able to defend. Both men engaged, throwing punches. Hernandez caught Tapia with a stiff jab to end the round.
Round 2
Tapia came after Hernandez, throwing hard punches and going for the takedown. It was Hernandez, however, who caught Tapia and threw him to the ground. Hernandez tried to take mount and Tapia used the opportunity to get back up. The men clinched and Hernandez landed a couple of knees.
Round 3
Tapia came out on the attack again. Hernandez was able to land knees. Hernandez grabbed a leg and completed the single leg takedown. Tapia did not just lay there and worked to regain guard. Hernandez passed to half guard and landed some chingasos. As Hernandez tried to pass to side mount, Tapia got back up.
Anthony Hernandez won the split decision.

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