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Quake in The Cage 4

 The next CAMO sanctioned MMA event is going down in Santa Ana, California on Sunday February 13th.  This event is Quake in the Cage 4 and it's being brought to you by Ring of Fire Amateur MMA and Old School Promotions.  Orange County is in for plenty of MMA action with a stacked fight card.  

Quake in the Cage 4 will take place at the Elks Lodge is Santa Ana. 212 Elk Lane Santa Ana, CA 92701-5011.  Doors will open at 5 p.m and fights will start at 6 p.m. It's an intimate venue, with the furthest seat from the cage only 40 feet away. It will sell out, so get your tickets ASAP. For tickets call 626-357-7065 or email info@ringoffiremma.com

CAMO Sanctioned fight card for Quake in The Cage 4:

Brock Combs vs. Jeffrey Mandell
Cruiser Weight - 205.1 to 230 pounds
Terrion Ware vs. Matt Prince
Bantamweight - 125 to 135 poundsJames 

Boxing Skills in MMA

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Good Boxing skills in MMA were considered not all that necessary in MMA for a long time. From the first UFC up to a  few years ago, wrestlers/grapplers would dominate MMA by taking the fight to the ground quickly and then finishing the fight with a ground and pound attack or a submission.  Boxing was nullified by good wrestlers/grapplers.  But in recent years, fighters that prefer to stand have been improving their takedown defense, improving their submission defense and utilizing good boxing and muay thai skills to keep the fight standing. Good Boxing skills in MMA were considered not all that necessary in MMA for a long time.

I was exchanging some thoughts on boxing in MMA with Neto Padilla, owner and head trainer of Basic Skills in Upland, California and he brought up a good fight where improved boxing skills proved to be a big difference.  In UFC 121, Cain Velasquez used his vastly improved boxing to baffle Lesnar on his feet.  Cain went on to dominate and finished Lesnar with chingasos on the ground. 

Check out a free video of Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar that was taken by a UFC fan in the stands.  
Take a look at the free fight video of Nick Diaz vs Marius Zaromski as another example of superior boxing skill used to help win an MMA fight. This fight was for the vacant Strikeforce welterweight title. 

If you're looking for learn and or improve your MMA skills, check out Neto Padilla's Basic Skills Gym in Upland, California. His gym offers, boxing, MMA striking, wrestling, Muay Thai, submission wrestling, ladies fitness, and Jeet Kune Do. They train men, women, and kids.  Basic Skills Gym also offers a free Saturday boxing class which is open to the public and you don't need to be a gym member to attend. The gym is 1100 square feet an classes are kept small, no more than 10 students at one time for a semi-private environment.  

Basic Skills Gym is at located at 1252 Monte Vista Avenue #14 Upland, CA 91786. Call 909-229-6655 for more info.  

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you want to improve your boxing and Mixed Martial Arts skills, check out Los Angeles MMA Gyms

Free MMA Fight Videos Proving Grounds 4 Pasadena

Here are the links to the fight videos from the CAMO sanctioned MMA event Proving Grounds 4 that took place in Pasadena, California. 

Ray Phillips vs. Dave Barry

The last fight at Proving Grounds 4, the CAMO sanctioned MMA event in Pasadena, California featured a main event that did not disappoint fans of chingasos. The two fighters were:
Ray Phillips (Fight Academy, 0-0) vs. Dave Barry (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 0-0)
Round 1
Both men came out and clinched. They released and Phillips caught Barry with a hard chingaso that sent Barry down to the mat. Phillips followed Barry to the ground, and kept throwing chingasos until the referee jumped in to save Barry.
Phillips won with a technical knockout. 

Check out the free MMA fight video.

Anthony Olivas vs. Reshaun Seberatnum

In the ninth fight at Proving Grounds 4 in Pasadena, California, the two fighters eager to step in the cage and throw chingasos were:
Anthony Olivas (Blood Bank, 1-1) vs. Reshaun Seberatnum (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 2-3)
Round 1
The fighters clinched with Seberatnum putting Olivas against the fence. The action stalled and the referee broke up the clinch. The men once again clinched and Seberatnum put Olivas against the fence.
Round 2
The men clinched and each fighter took turns holding dominant position against the cage. Seberatnum had Olivas against the fence when the referee broke it up. Both men came back to the clinch with Seberatnum holding dominant position.
Round 3
Olivas clinched and put Seberatnum against the fence. The fight went to the ground and Seberatnum took the back. Seberatnum threw chingasos to soften up Olivas.

Seberatnum won the unanimous decision. 

Check out the free MMA fight video. 

Anthony Hernandez vs Lou Tapia

In the eight fight of the night at the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4 in Pasadena, California, the two highly capable fighters were:
Anthony Hernandez (Fight Academy, 3-0) vs. Lou Tapia (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 2-1)
Round 1
Tapia threw punches to get into the clinch. He put Hernandez against the cage, but Hernandez got out, landing his own chingaso. Tapia once again went for the takedown, but Hernandez was able to defend. Both men engaged, throwing punches. Hernandez caught Tapia with a stiff jab to end the round.
Round 2
Tapia came after Hernandez, throwing hard punches and going for the takedown. It was Hernandez, however, who caught Tapia and threw him to the ground. Hernandez tried to take mount and Tapia used the opportunity to get back up. The men clinched and Hernandez landed a couple of knees.
Round 3
Tapia came out on the attack again. Hernandez was able to land knees. Hernandez grabbed a leg and completed the single leg takedown. Tapia did not just lay there and worked to regain guard. Hernandez passed to half guard and landed some chingasos. As Hernandez tried to pass to side mount, Tapia got back up.
Anthony Hernandez won the split decision.

Check out the free MMA fight video.

Eddie Estrada vs. Chad Rains

In the seventh fight at Proving Grounds 4, the CAMO sanctioned event in Pasadena, California, the two fighters ready to entertain were:
Eddie Estrada (Sityodtong, 0-0) vs. Chad Rains (West Coast Renegades, 0-1)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging and clinched up against the fence. Estrada trapped the neck and threw knees. The fighters released, but Estrada was able to grab the neck once again and throw more knees.
Round 2
Once again, the men clinched and each worked their dirty boxing. Estrada secured the neck and went back to throwing knees. Estrada threw a kick, Rains got the takedown, but Estrada reversed.
Round 3
Estrada once again got the plum position and threw knees. With the warning bell, Rains was able to escape the position and threw chingasos that missed.
Estrada won the unanimous decision.

Isaac Velasco vs. Rene Connant

The sixth fight at Proving Grounds 4, the CAMO sanctioned event in Pasadena, California, featured two men ready for chingasos. The two men were:
Isaac Velasco (Academy of Mixed Marital Science, 1-1) vs. Rene Connant (Submission Factory, 0-0)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging and clinched up against the fence. Velasco got the takedown with side control, and threw knees to the body. Connant got back up, but Velasco threw him back down to the mat. Connant was able to put Velasco back in the guard.
Round 2
The fighters came out a little more cautiously, but still throwing chingasos. Connant changed levels and went for a takedown. Velasco defended and ended up with the takedown.
Round 3
Connant came out more aggressively. Velasco was able to get the plum position and throw knees. Velasco got Connant to the ground and took his back. He threw chingasos and worked to the mount where he threw more ground and pound. Connant gave up his back and Velasco tried to go for the finish.

Velasco won the unanimous decision. 

Check out the free MMA fight video.

Kelvin Martel vs. Cameron Harris

The fifth fight at Proving Grounds 4 in Pasadena, California Proving Grounds 4, had two men ready to throw chingasos. The two fighters were:
Kelvin Martel (Fight Academy, 1-1) vs. Cameron Harris (Punch Kick Grapple PKG, 1-4)
Round 1
Both men came out cautious, feeling each other out. The fighters began to open up with kicks and punches. Martel grabbed Harris’s knee and got a takedown against the fence. Martel got top position and began to ground and pound. As Harris tried to get up, Martel threw more chingasos until the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

Martel won by technical knockout. 

Check out the free MMA fight video.

Nick Huizar vs. Jarred Rhodes

For the fourth fight of the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4, two excellent wrestlers pitted their skills against each other. The two fighters were:
Nick Huizar (Fight Academy, 2-1) vs. Jarred Rhodes (West Coast Renegades, 0-1)
Round 1
Both men came out swinging. Huizar trapped Rhodes against the cage and went for a standing guillotine. Huizar snapped Rhodes down to the mat twice, but Rhodes got back up each time. Huizar went for the takedown and ended up in mount.
Round 2
Rhodes went for a head kick, but Huizar caught it and went for the takedown. Rhodes defended and got his own takedown. Rhodes went for ground and pound as Huizar tried to defend.
Round 3
Both men clinched, but it was Rhodes that got the takedown. Huizar worked his way to top position in half guard. Rhodes was able to reverse and the fight got back to standing. The fight got back to the ground with Huizar trying to take the back. Rhodes got top position and threw punches from the top as the fight ended.

Rhodes won the unanimous decision. 

Check out the free MMA fight video coming soon.

Matt Reis vs. Adrian Ramirez

In the third fight of the CAMO sanctioned event, Proving Grounds 4, there were two skilled ground fighters. Ready to throw chingasos were:
Matt Reis (Fight Academy, 2-0) vs. Adrian Ramirez (Submission Factory, 0-0)
Round 1
Reis landed a right and a left hook that stunned Ramirez. Ramirez shot in for the takedown. Reis defended and went for a guillotine. Ramirez kept defending as Reis kept readjusting and working the guillotine. The fighters stood up with Reis going behind Ramirez and getting a suplex. Reis took the back and held Ramirez with a body triangle as the round ended.
Round 2
Ramirez threw a sidekick that caught Reis. Ramirez and Reis engaged in the middle of the cage and both men threw chingasos. Ramirez threw a kick that Reis caught and used to get a takedown and go straight to the mount. Reis worked for the guillotine once again. This time Reis was able to sink it in and get the tap.

Reis by guillotine submission. 

Check out the free MMA fight.

Jose Omar Padilla vs. Jonathan Del Rosario

The second fight at Proving Grounds 4, a CAMO sanctioned fight in Pasadena, California had:
Jose Omar Padilla (Team ICE, 0-0) vs. Jonathan Del Rosario (Submission Factory, 1-1)
Round 1
The two fighters exchanged kicks, to open up the action. Padilla threw a head kick and Del Rosario went in for the takedown. Del Rosario worked his way to side control as Padilla hung on to him. With Padilla still holding on, Del Rosario went to the mount and moved Padilla against the cage. Padilla gave up his back and Del Rosario tried to go for the finish.
Round 2
Del Rosario threw punches to get to the clinch. From the clinch, Del Rosario threw knees before releasing. Both men circled the cage before the fight hit the floor. Del Rosario was able to take the back again.
Round 3
Padilla threw a head kick, but Del Rosario blocked it. Both men clinched and Del Rosario got the takedown. Del Rosario took Padilla’s back and worked to get an opening for the finish. Del Rosario sunk in the choke, but the final bell rang to end the fight.

Del Rosario got the unanimous decision. 

Check out the free MMA fight video. 

Terrion Ware vs. Rocky Morales

Pasadena, California was the site of Proving Grounds 4, amateur MMA at its best. The California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) sanctioned event featured 10 exciting fights. Kicking off the action was:
Terrion Ware (Academy of Mixed Marital Science AMMS, 1-2) vs. Rocky Morales (SoCal MMA, 0-0)
Round 1
Morales came in right away with kicks, and shot in for the takedown. He worked the ground and pound (gnp) then went for a straight ankle lock. Ware worked at defending, but Morales ended up on top, in side control. Morales worked more gnp to end the round.
Round 2
Morales came in with a kick but Ware caught it. However, Morales got the takedown. They worked their way back up, but Morales got another takedown. Ware was able to put Morales in the guard. Morales worked the gnp but then the action slowed too much. The ref stood up the fight, and Morales was able to get another takedown.
Round 3
Morales threw a faint and Ware took advantage to land an overhand right. Morales quickly clinched and got another takedown. Morales went for more gnp, but Ware locked him down. The warning bell rang, and Morales was able to unleash more gnp.

Morales won the unanimous decision. 
Here is the fight video.

Proving Grounds 4 Weigh In Results

Proving Grounds 4
Weigh In Results
Free Fight Videos

The fighters have weighed in at the Fight Academy in Pasadena and are ready to throw chingasos at Proving Grounds 4. 

Terrion Ware (Academy of Mixed Marital Science AMMS) 134.2
Rocky Morales (SoCal MMA) 133.0

Jose Omar Padilla (Team ICE) 151.0
Jonathan Del Rosario (Submission Factory) 153.8

Matt Reis (Fight Academy) 144.4
Adrian Ramirez (Submission Factory) 144.4

UFC 126 Belfort vs Silva Mandalay Bay

On Saturday February 5th, the UFC returns to the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas with UFC 126 Vitor Belfort vs Anderson Silva.  UFC 126 has two other big match ups, Forest Griffin vs Rich Franklin and Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader.  As always,the undercard will also be stacked to fully entertain MMA fans. 

UFC 126 is already sold out and due to the Super Bowl the following day, Las Vegas is going to be the place to be.  So for those of you placing bets, let's take a look at the main event, Vitor Belfort vs Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva is the favorite in this MMA fight.  At the time of this writing, the odds makers have him at -280.  For those of you new to odds and sports betting, -280 means that you would have to bet $280 to win $100. On the other hand, the odds makers have Vitor Belfort at +210, meaning that a $100 bet would return $210. 

The fight between Belfort and Silva at UFC 126 is hard to pick.  Silva is undefeated in the UFC but has had inconsistent performances.  Silva sometimes dominates, sometimes pulls out boring decisions, and twice has pulled out submission victories after being dominated.  Silva always finds way to win though, and MMA experts know that he has all the tools to dominate.  

Belfort is also unpredictable.  He has quick hands and great boxing but has had trouble in fights where the wrestling and grappling get tough. He has losses to tough fighters with good wresting skills. Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz and Dan Henderson have all beat Belfort and Alistair Overeem owns a guillotine submission win over him. He's dropped down to the 185 lbs division in the UFC though, and has had success, recently beating Rich Franklin and riding a five fight winning streak. 
Check out the UFC 126 Preview Video
While you wait for UFC 126, check out our Fight of The Year 2010 series.
Also, if you missed it, check out the UFC Top Submissions higlight video. 

Check out UFC 126 results.

Toe Hold Leg Lock Submission

The term "toe hold" doesn't really strike fear in anyone.  It sounds silly. Those that aren't familiar with MMA or submission grappling/wrestling probably don't know how dangerous the toe hold leg lock really is.  The toe hold, or all leg locks for that matter aren't very popular in MMA because of the risk you take by going for them.  By attempting leg locks, you leave yourself open for catching a beat down and eating chingasos.  Attempting a toe hold leg lock submission might be risky, but if you're good, you can definitely end a fight and possibly cause some real damage with the toe hold. 

Here's a video of leg lock specialist Ikuhisa Minowa finishing off Gilber Ivel with the toe hold.  This fight took place a few years back at Pride Bushido 6.


Check out this MMA video where Gregory "Blade" Babene and IIlay Malyukov both go for a leg lock at the same time.  Usually when two fighters go for a leg lock at the same time, the fighter with the better technique wins. Babene finishes off Malyukov with the toe hold submission.


UFC Fight For the Troops 2 Results

UFC Fight For the Troops 2 Results
By Ricardo Robles

The UFC put on a show January 22 in Fort Hood Texas. Fight for the Troops 2 was an event the UFC put on as a fund raiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which works to treat American soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury. The main event of the night was…
Evan Dunham v. Melvin Guillard
Dunham shot in for a single and eventually got Guillard down and against the fence. Guillard got up and caught Dunham with some chingasos. Guillard caught Dunham with a straight right that put Dunham on the mat. Dunham shot in for a single, but only caught hammer fists. Dunham ended up against the cage, and Guillard threw chingasos, in the form of knees, that ended the fight.  
Guillard won by TKO.  The results of this fight surprised many in MMA. 

Matt Mitrione v. Tim Hague
Mitrione came out firing shots. Hague caught a leg kick and went for a single leg. Mitrione fought it off, and the fight continued in the center of the cage. Mitrione put Hague on the mat with a straight left. Hague got back up and Mitrione continued with more chingasos. Mitrione caught Hague with another straight left and put him on the mat again. Mitrione followed Hague to the mat and went for ground and pound. The ref jumped in to stop the fight.
Mitrione won by TKO

Mark Hominick v. George Roop
Hominick landed a straight chingasos that put Roop on the mat. Hominick let Roop up and Hominick kept the pressure on. He put Roop on the mat again and landed another chingaso on the ground. The ref jumped in to stop the fight.
Hominick won by TKO.

Pat Barry Joey Beltran
Round 1
The men clinched and got up against the cage. Beltran threw some shots and tried to get a takedown. Barry held it off until the ref broke it up. Barry caught Beltran with kicks. Beltran clinched up and threw chingasos. The ref broke up the clinch when Beltran caught Barry with a knee to the groin.
Round 2
Barry caught Beltran with a hard leg kick. Barry threw a couple of head kicks that Beltran blocked. Beltran clinched and went for a takedown. Barry fought if off and the ref ended up separating the fighters. Barry caught Beltran with leg kicks and a head kick. Beltran kept bringing the fight landing his own chingasos to end the round.

MMA Returns To Pasadena January 29

On January 29, Savant Young and the Fight Academy MMA gym bring sanctioned MMA fights back to Pasadena. Proving Grounds 4 takes place exactly one year to the date from the first ever sanctioned MMA fight event (Proving Grounds 1) in Pasadena, California. 

While it has not been easy, Young and the other owners of the Fight Academy in Pasadena have worked hard to entertain MMA fans with great fight action and sold out shows. They say that the best predictor of the future is the past, so if Proving Grounds 1, 2, and 3 are any indication of what's going to happen at Proving Grounds 4, then MMA fans in the Pasadena area are in for a treat. There will be plenty of chingasos for sure!

If you're ready to attend an MMA event with fights in a real MMA cage, an event with a fully stocked bar, an event that has a party atmosphere, an event where MMA celebrities are showing up, then go over tow www.FightAcademyMMA.com and purchase your tickets A.S.A.P. Proving Grounds 4 will sell out! 

Submission Grappling Tournament Florez Gym

On Saturday, Florez Muay Thai and Judo-Box MMA put on a submission grappling tournament at the Florez Gym in La Puente California.  Chingasos MMA has covered events that Dee Martinez (Judo-Box MMA)  and the Florez brother's (Florez Muay Thai)have put on.  They've always been well run, and fun for competitors and spectators alike. So this time, instead of just covering the event, I decided to enter the tournament.

I weighed in at 163 lbs. I was feeling good, but a little drained from completing the fitness plan known as the Fat X Program.  Usually you're supposed to rest a few days after completing a strength and conditioning program before competing.  Unfortunately I didn't have that luxury. I started the program on January 3rd and needed to complete the program in 12 days so that I could post exact 12 day before and after pics at www.FatX101.com.  I completed the program Friday, and instead of resting, my crazy ass was competing on Saturday.  

I must say I was a little worried about how my body would respond, but I was in and there was no turning back.  My first match was up against one of those guys that just looks like a tank.  He felt like one too.  We quickly engaged and then he scored a double leg takedown.  I tried different sweeps and set ups but the guy was just too strong.  He was powering out of everything and a few minutes into the match, I began to worry that I was running out of time.  The only good news for me was that he was posting his leg out when I went for sweeps.  I also noticed he began to breathe very heavily and was expending a lot of energy trying to escape my full and butterfly guard.  I knew this guy was too strong up top, so that leg was going to be my best chance and winning this match.  With his power subsiding,I waited patiently for the mistake. An just like I hoped, he made it.  He left his leg out and without hesitation I went for the knee bar.  I wrapped it up, he tapped and I was on to the next round. 

My second match was against Eric from the Ring of Fire.  Eric had taken second place at the Villa Parke Submission Grappling tournament and I knew he was no walk in the park.  We engaged quickly and from there on the fight went back and forth.  At one point I thought I would get him with a heel hook but we ended up out of the ring and had to restart.  When we restarted I chanced my attack to a straight leg lock but Eric was too good to fall for that he escaped and gained good position.  Time was running out and it was a close match.  I went for a reversal and scored it.  Ending the match on top and going for a head and arm choke from side control.  I was able to squeak by with a win on points.  

UFC Top Submissions

MMA fans tend to put together some of the best highlight videos.  If you like the submission game in MMA and in the UFC, this video of the top submissions in the UFC is a must watch.  Some of the UFC's best submissions highlighted in this video are George St. Pierre's armbar submission vs. Matt Hughes, Andrei Arlovski's leg lock submission vs. Tim Silvia, Forest Griffin's rear naked choke submission vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua, Frank Mir's knee bar submission vs. Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva's rear naked choke submission vs. Dan Henderson, and many more or the best submissions you'll see in MMA.

Big thanks to youtube user bjjs85 for uploading and showcasing this video of the best submissions in the UFC and MMA.  This is his list of Top Submissions in the UFC. Enjoy the free video. 
At Chingasos MMA we strive to promote the sport of MMA and we enjoy showcasing the sport.  Feel free to send us any videos, pictures or any other material that promotes and or showcases the sport of MMA in a positive way.