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UFC 124: St Pierre vs Koscheck

This Saturday December 11th the UFC returns with St. Pierre vs Koscheck.  The trash talking and fight hype between Pierre and Koscheck hasn't been all that entertaining, but the fight should be.  These two fighters are the most athletic and well rounded fighters in the UFC's 170 lbs (welterweight) division. St. Pierre has dominated the division.  Does Koscheck have what it takes to dethrone St. Pierre?  We will find out in UFC 124. 

Personally, I think Koscheck is going to have a hard time.  St. Pierre is simply better at each and every aspect of MMA than Koscheck, stand up, wrestling and jiu jitsu/submissions.  Koscheck will have to fight a perfect fight and hope that he catches St. Pierre in a mistake, physically and or strategically.   A knock out chingaso perhaps?

Check out the UFC 124 preview video.