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Koscheck's Eye Post UFC 124

If you're an MMA fan, you probably watched George St. Pierre demolish Josh Koscheck with jabs at UFC 124.  In Koscheck's defense, he didn't get knocked out, but he sure took an ass whooping.  

George St. Pierre put on an MMA jab throwing clinic during his five round UFC fight with Josh Koscheck and let's just say Koscheck's eye wasn't looking pretty.  I think Koscheck might have managed to block every single jab with his eye.  It probably wasn't the best strategy.  

It turns out that St. Pierre actually broke Koscheck orbital bone with either one of the many chingasos he landed on Koscheck's face.  His eye was so bad that he wasn't allowed to fly and the UFC had to arrange for him to be driven to Boston where he was due to have surgery.