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Vote For MMA Fight of The Year

In MMA Fight of The Year Nominees part 1-4, I showcased some of the best fights in MMA this year.  Before we vote, I thought I would mention one more fight.

On April 24th, 2010, Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie) stepped in the WEC cage at WEC 48 and put on a rock em' sock em' robot type show. Chingasos were flying from all angles.  It wasn't the best technique, but it was damn entertaining.   

Unfortunately I couldn't find the complete video online, but check out a highlight video of this fight put together by the Versus website.  

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UFC 125: Frankie Edward vs Gray Maynard

The UFC kicks off 2011 with UFC 125 on Saturday January 1st.  The main event will be a rematch between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar.  In the first match up, Gray Maynard won in a decision.  This time, Frankie Edgar is holding the UFC lightweight title and Gray Maynard wants to take it away.

Frankie Edgar took the belt away from BJ Penn at UFC 112. He then kept it away in a rematch against BJ Penn at UFC 118. While Edgar is holding the UFC lightweight belt, he has that blemish on his record that I'm sure he's eager to erase. He now has a chance to avenge his loss to Gray Maynard and pave his way to UFC hall of fame status. 

I have a feeling that this fight is going to be a 2011 fight of the year candidate. The lightweights in MMA usually put on a great show and these two fighters have all the tools and every reason to put on an MMA showcase.  I just hope that Frankie Edward can avoid being smothered my Gray Maynard for five rounds.  I doubt anyone wants to see that. 

Check out the UFC 125 preview video:

MMA Fight of The Year Nominees Part 4

As the end of 2010 nears, it's time to nominate another MMA fight for our MMA Fight of The Year series.  This nominated MMA fight took place between Kazuo Misaki and Jorge Santiago at SRC 14. It was a rematch for the SRC middleweight title.

This fight is nominated for the twist and turns the fight took, as well as the cornucopia of chingasos and submission attempts throughout the fight.  Check out the video where the fight is picked up in the fourth round. 

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Koscheck's Eye Post UFC 124

If you're an MMA fan, you probably watched George St. Pierre demolish Josh Koscheck with jabs at UFC 124.  In Koscheck's defense, he didn't get knocked out, but he sure took an ass whooping.  

George St. Pierre put on an MMA jab throwing clinic during his five round UFC fight with Josh Koscheck and let's just say Koscheck's eye wasn't looking pretty.  I think Koscheck might have managed to block every single jab with his eye.  It probably wasn't the best strategy.  

It turns out that St. Pierre actually broke Koscheck orbital bone with either one of the many chingasos he landed on Koscheck's face.  His eye was so bad that he wasn't allowed to fly and the UFC had to arrange for him to be driven to Boston where he was due to have surgery.  

MMA Training Fight Academy Gym Pasadena

If you're in the Pasadena area and you're looking for an MMA gym or school to train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena is a fully equipped MMA gym/school.  They have 2,500 square feet of mat space, an MMA fight cage, a 14 foot rope ring, a 10 foot kids rope ring, plenty of heavy bags and a nice selection of fitness equipment.  They have great instructors including MMA pro fighter Savant Young who last Friday welcomed Chingaos MMA to come in and check out an open mat training and sparring session.  

Here's a highlight video of a normal Friday morning sparring and training session at the Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena. Call and ask to make sure, but I believe they have open mat there every other Friday. 

Here's a video to get you in MMA training motivation mode. 

The MMA Fight Academy Gym in Pasadena is located near Old Town Pasadena at 61 West Valley street, 91105. You can call them at  626-737-0442 or visit www.FightAcademyMMA.com.

They also have a gym location in Santa Clarita, California.

Ask about getting a free session and mention Chingasos MMA sent ya'.  
Check out the Proving Grounds 3 fight videos. Proving Grounds 3 are MMA fights that went down at the Fight Academy gym.

MMA In El Monte: Quake in The Cage 3

Winning at Quake in the Cage 3
On December 11th the Ring of Fire brought MMA to El Monte California with the third installment of their MMA event titled Quake in The Cage. Quake in The Cage 3 featured some of the areas up and coming amateur MMA fighters. The fighters stepped in the cage and bravely put their MMA skills to the test.  There was a nice crowd that almost filled the El Monte High School gym supporting the MMA action.

Here is the C.A.M.O sanctioned fight card and the results for Quake in The Cage 3.

Victor Cortez vs. Daniel Ochoa
Quake in The Cage 3
Winner: Victor via unanimous decision

B. Kris Law vs. Jordan "The Running Man" Wall
Winner: Jordan via unanimous decision

Eric Marin vs. Frank "The F-5" Ordonez
Winner: Frank via unanimous decision

Jose Huerta vs. Andrew Secaida
Winner: Jose Huerta via ref stoppage due to strikes in the first round. 

Mariono Fajardo vs. James "The Groundskeeper" Puncel
Winner: James via unanimous decision.

James Distler vs Morgan Ramirez
Winner:James Distler via decision.

Giovanni Torres vs. Mark Colella
Winner: Mark Colella unanimous decision.

Irvin Mendez vs Mark Parillo
Winner: Mark Parillo via armbar submission.

Jeremy Petruncio vs. Miguel Cabral
Winner: Jeremy via unanimous decision.

Anthony Williams vs. Dakota Hughes
Winner: Anthony via unanimous decision.

George Hernandez vs. Walter Downing
Winner: Walter via submission in the second round.

Robert Anderson vs. Akim Lee
Winner: Akim via ref stoppage due to strikes in the 2nd round.

Alex Bondarenko vs. Avo Sogomanyan 
Winner: Alex via armbar submission. 

For more pictures from Ring of Fire's event Quake in The Cage 3, visit our Facebook Fan Page.  

UFC 124: St Pierre vs Koscheck

This Saturday December 11th the UFC returns with St. Pierre vs Koscheck.  The trash talking and fight hype between Pierre and Koscheck hasn't been all that entertaining, but the fight should be.  These two fighters are the most athletic and well rounded fighters in the UFC's 170 lbs (welterweight) division. St. Pierre has dominated the division.  Does Koscheck have what it takes to dethrone St. Pierre?  We will find out in UFC 124. 

Personally, I think Koscheck is going to have a hard time.  St. Pierre is simply better at each and every aspect of MMA than Koscheck, stand up, wrestling and jiu jitsu/submissions.  Koscheck will have to fight a perfect fight and hope that he catches St. Pierre in a mistake, physically and or strategically.   A knock out chingaso perhaps?

Check out the UFC 124 preview video.

Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu 2

This Saturday, two MMA fan favorites, Dan "Hendo" Henderson and Renato "Babalu" Sobral step into the Strikefore cage to exchange chingasos in an effort to get a title shot.  While this is the main event, Striforce has put a nice card together leading up to it. 

Hard hitting "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler will take on a gritty veteran in Matt "The Law" Lindland.  Both of these fighters are looking to get back into title contention but they need a big win.  Lindland is running out of time in his MMA career and his chin has been suspect. Lindland is going to have to find a way to get back to his tough wrestling without taking a hard KO chingaso.

Another matchup that should be exciting is Paul "Semtex" Daley vs. Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith.  Daley is on a two fight winning streak and is trying to return to the lime light after losing to Josh Koscheck and being released from the UFC for his post fight sucker punch.  Smith is a tough fighter that loves to stand and trade hard chingasos.  I have a feeling this fight is not going the distance.  

The other two fights on the main card are Antonio "Big Foot" Silva vs. Mike "Mak" Kyle, and Benji "Razor" Radach vs Ovince St. Preux.