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Gift Ideas For The MMA Fan

If you have an MMA fan or MMA practitioner on your Christmas list, knowing that they're a fan of MMA, or that it's their hobby, will help you get them a gift they'll truly appreciate.  

Here are five great gift ideas that any MMA fan would enjoy and appreciate.

1.  MMA/Grappling Shorts: When I first began training in submission grappling I used regular shorts. They would get soaked with sweat, slip off, and were generally uncomfortable to train in.  Once I got my first pair of Tapout shorts( a gift by the way), I was amazed at the difference and would much rather not go back to using regular shorts.  You can never have enough, so they make a great gift.   

2. Compression Shirt/Rash Guard: These shirts wick away sweat, survive the wear and tear of training, and help prevent training rashes.  All good things if you plan on MMA being a hobby for a while.  And just like the shorts, you can never have enough, and it's always good to have a clean one ready to go.  

3. Hoodies: You can't go wrong with hoodies. Whether you train in MMA or not.  They're comfortable, keep you warm and are durable.  Get them a Tapout hoodie and show them you know they're a fan of MMA.  

4.  MMA Instructionals: It doesn't matter how much you think you know, you can always learn a bit more.  It's also good to sharpen up you skills by looking at the basics from another point of view.  Any MMA practitioner knows this, and is always looking for a new tip or piece of knowledge that will improve their game. 

5.  MMA/UFC Fight Videos: Whether someone is an MMA fan or a fan of another sport, it's always fun to watch the greatest moments in that sport.  The UFC has put a nice collection together that any MMA fan would love to have.   

By the way, feel free to send any of these gifts my way.