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UFC 121 Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Results

Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

There are fights that MMA fans watch only because they are interesting match ups. Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez was not one of those fights. Lesnar defending his heavy weight title against Velasquez is one of those fights that truly deserve pay per view status. These two men and this match had the feel of a true main event fight. The general consensus, coming into the fight, was that Brock was the bigger, better, stronger wrestler. On the other hand, it was also accepted that Cain was a better all around MMA fighter. Cain has better stand up and he is known to have great conditioning. However, it remained to be seen whether that would be enough to overcome the tremendous size and athleticism of Lesnar.

So, how did the fight go?

Lesnar went on the attack immediately. He went for a takedown and used knees to attack. Lesnar was able to get a takedown, but Cain got back up. Lesnar pinned Velasquez against the fence. Once again, Lesnar got the takedown, but Cain immediately got back up. Velasquez shot in with a single, got the takedown, and ground and pounded Lesnar. Lesnar was able to get back up, but Velasquez quickly dropped him. Velasquez used ground and pound once again until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Velasquez won via TKO.

Jake Shields vs Martin Kampmann

Shields came into the fight with a lot of fan fare, with his great submission game and being the Elite XC and Strikeforce champion. As expected, Shields used strikes to get to the clinch. He was able to get takedowns and go for submission attempts. Kampmann was able to defend the multiple submission attempts by Shields. Kampmann was not able to do much to stop the takedowns until he landed a knee that rocked Shields. He used that opportunity to start to turn the fight in his favor. However, Shields recovered and went back on the offensive. Shields was clearly tired in the third round. Shields recovered and ended up taking Kampmann’s back to end the fight.

Shields won the split decision.

Diego Sanchez vs Paulo Thiago

In what could have been Sanchez’s most impressive performance in the Octagon, Sanchez looked spectacular. Sanchez used his athleticism and his great conditioning to push the pace of the fight. However, it was Thiago that won the beginning of the fight, getting a takedown and going for multiple choke attempts. Sanchez changed the fight in his favor in the second round. In a moment that the crowd enjoyed and cheered, Sanchez lifted Thiago and ran across the cage screaming before slamming Thiago. Thiago was clearly tired in the third round. Sanchez used his conditioning to dominate the final round. Sanchez was able to mount Thiago and take his back as well.

Sanchez won the unanimous decision.

Tito Ortiz vs Matt Hamill

Ortiz came out attacking, both with his hands and his legs. However, Hamill cut Ortiz above his right ear and below his right eye. Ortiz kept the pressure on with Hamill landing an occasional strike. For most of the fight, Ortiz would land combinations and Hamill would only land single shots. Hamill did get takedowns and used them to ground and pound. The most significant takedown came toward the end of the fight. Hamill shot in, got the takedown, and landed in side control. Hamill landed punches and elbows from that position and caused a lot of damage. Ortiz’s face was completely bruised, lumped, and cut by the end of the third round.

Hamill won the unanimous decision.

Brendan Schaub vs Gabriel Gonzaga

To begin the fight, Gonzaga took the middle of the Octagon and stalked Schaub. Schaub, however, was the first to connect. Schaub kept beating Gonzaga to the punch, completely out striking Gonzaga. Schaub was able to knock Gonzaga to the mat, to end the second round. Gonzaga did better in the third round, but the round was still just about even.

Schaub won the unanimous decision.

Court McGee vs Ryan Jensen

In round one, McGee looked completely outclassed. Jensen knocked McGee to the mat, and out struck him, time and time again. McGee started to turn things around in the second round. McGee landed a left hook that stunned Jensen. McGee even got a throw on Jensen to end the second round. McGee caught Jensen to open up the third round. He took the fight to the ground, and worked his way to the mount. Jensen was clearly exhausted. From the mount, McGee finished the fight with a ahead and arm.

McGee won with a head and arm choke.

Patrick Cote vs Tom Lawlor

Lawlor used his superior wrestling to dominate the fight. Cote spent the majority of the fight pressed against the fence or taking chingasos on the ground. Lawlor simply took down Cote at will. Lawlor not only threw chingasos, but he also went for submission attempts. He tried kimuras and head and arm chokes. At one point, Cote had to grab the fence to save himself from the head and arm choke. Lawlor completely dominated the fight.

Lawlor won the unamimous decision.

Mike Guymon vs Daniel Roberts

Roberts immediately threw a chingaso that caught Guymon. Guymon backed up as Roberts threw chingaso after chingaso. Roberts grabbed Roberts’s neck in a guillotine hold. Roberts switched to an anaconda and threw Guymon to the mat. Roberts rolled and finished the choke.

Roberts won via anaconda choke.

Sam Stout vs Paul Taylor

Stout won the split decision.

Chris Camozzi vs Dongi Yang

Camozzi won the split decision.

Jon Madsen vs Gilbert Yvel

Madsen got the TKO victory in round one.