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UFC 120 Results

Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

After his last fight in the UFC, Yoshihiro Akiyama asked for this fight against Michael Bisping. Akiyama felt that he did not prepare correctly for the fight against Chris Leben, and that he should be able to defeat Michael Bisping. Bisping did not take well to Akiyama asking for this fight. Now on the action.

Akiyama threw a hard chingaso that caught Bisping, to open up the fight. Akiyama caught Bisping with a good left hook. Bisping decided to go for a takedown, but was unsuccessful. He got the second takedown, but Akiyama was able to quickly get back up. Each fighter landed a low blow. Bisping kept attempting takedowns and throwing chingasos when he did not complete the takedown.

Akiyama opened up round two with a one-two combination that landed. Bisping landed many times with the right hand. Akiyama was throwing too, but Bisping was able to stay away from his strikes. In the meantime, Bisping kept landing his own chingasos. As the round came to an end, Akiyama landed with a flurry of hard punches.

In the final round, Akiyama threw chingasos, but Bisping countered with a kick to the head. Bisping kept the pressure on with the hands. Unfortunately, Bisping also landed an extremely hard low blow that put Akiyama on the mat. When Akiyama recovered, Bisping kept throwing chingasos at a hard and fast pace. As the fight came to an end, Akiyama came forward, throwing chingasos. Bisping returned the favor, as both men connected. Bisping won the unanimous decision.

Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit

Both men used low kicks to feel each other out. They both did use their hands, as the round progressed, but they mainly kept using their legs. Finally, both fighters decided to let the hands loose. Both men threw a left hook, but Condit’s chingaso landed first and landed harder. Hardy ended up on the mat, and Condit got in two more chingasos before the referee jumped in to end the fight.

John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle

Both men came out cautious, carefully feeling out each other. Pyle finally shot in and got a takedown. Pyle tried hard to keep the position, but Hathaway reversed him before the fight got back to standing. As the round progressed, Pyle tagged Hathaway with right crosses. Pyle threw Hathaway to the mat as the round ended.

In the second, the action slowed down a bit, but both men did keep busy. Pyle failed on takedown attempts, but finally got a throw to get the fight to the ground. Pyle trapped Hathaway with a mounted triangle. Pyle used the position to throw chingasos while slowly tightening the triangle. Hathaway survived the round.

To begin round three, Hathaway threw a kick to Pyle’s body then went for an unsuccessful takedown. Pyle got his own takedown and held Hathaway down. Hathaway worked hard to get back up, but Pyle was able to hold on and land chingasos. As the fight came to an end, Pyle passed to side control. Pyle won the unanimous decision.

Cheick Kongo vs. Travis Browne

Browne came out throwing wild chingasos. Kongo threw low kicks, and Browne countered with more wild shots. Kongo got aggressive, but Browne was able to counter and land a couple of good shots that hurt Kongo. While Browne kept throwing the wild blows, Kongo was more cautious for the rest of the round.

Kongo used good striking technique and landed shots on Browne, to begin the second round. Browne threw more wild shots, but it was Kongo that kept connecting. For most of the rest of the round, the two men clinched up against the fence. However, Browne threw Kongo to the mat to end the round.

Browne began the final round by shooting in immediately and pinning Kongo against the cage. The referee warned Kongo not to hold Browne’s shorts. He kept doing it, and the referee took a point away from Kongo. Despite losing the point, Kongo kept grabbing the shorts. Browne appeared to be tired, and Kongo was able to land. Browne went for and got a sacrifice throw right before the final bell. The fight ended up a unanimous draw.

Cyrille Diabate vs. Alexander Gustafsson

In the first round, both men came out throwing chingasos. Gustafsson hit Diabate with a left that knocked Diabate to the ground. Diabate got back up, but Gustafsson shot in and pinned Diabate against the cage. When they released, Gustafsson hit Diabate again with a couple of good chingasos.

To begin the second round, Diabate landed a couple of good shots. Gustafsson shot in and took down Diabate. Gustafsson got mount and transitioned to the back. Gustafsson went for the choke, released, threw more chingasos, and opened up a cut. Gustafsson went for the choke again, released, and threw more chingasos before finally finishing the fight with a rear naked choke.

Paul Sass vs. Mark Holst

Sass immediately pulled guard and went for a triangle. Holst pulled out and stood up. Sass threw chingasos to set up another guard pull. Sass again went for the triangle then for a toehold, as Holst was pulling away. The fight ended up on the ground again, and Sass went for a heel hook that Holst was able to defend. After the fight went to the feet, Sass pulled guard again, went for the triangle, and finally got the tap out.

James Wilks vs. Claude Patrick

Patrick used the top position all three rounds to throw chingasos. Patrick won the unanimous decision.

James McSweeney vs. Fabio Maldonado

Maldonado threw chingasos, both standing and on the ground, to wear down McSweeney. The referee had to stop the fight in the third round, as Maldonado was connecting with one chingaso after another.

Spencer Fisher vs. Curt Warburton

There was no doubt that this was an MMA fight. The fight had kicks, hands, clinching, takedowns, and submission attempts. The fight went the distance, with each fighter getting in his own action. Fisher got the unanimous decision.

Rob Broughton vs. Vinicius Queiroz

Queiroz won the ground battle for the first two round. However, Broughton was able to sink in a rear naked choke and get the submission in the third round.