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Don't Sleep On The Guillotine

What happens when you don't tap on a guillotine choke in MMA? It is off to dreamland! If you are a top MMA and UFC prospect, it is actually more of a nightmare. A few years ago Savant Young put Kendall Grove through that nightmare. Fortunately for Grove, he was able to bounce back and make it into the UFC. Savant Young still has not been given a shot in the UFC, but what a great match it would be to see these two go at it again. Kendall Grove would get what every fighter that has lost wants, a shot at redemption. Savant Young, on the other hand, would get a chance to prove that it was not a fluke and that he belongs in the UFC.

Unfortunately, we are in the age of MMA that would not allow such a matchup. Kendall Grove now fights at 170 lbs, and Savant Young fights at 145 lbs. A shot at redemption for a UFC fighter always makes for an interesting matchup though. In any case, check out the video to see the way the first fight went down.