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The Best From Grapplers Quest Part 1

Those of you that know MMA, know that the ground game (a.k.a submission grappling, submission wrestling, ground fighting, bjj, grappling) is a big aspect of the sport. Grapplers Quest holds the biggest ground fighting events worldwide. Here is a collection of some of the best from Grapplers Quest. Check out the videos and enjoy what we here at Chingasos MMA refer to as Chingajitsu!

Here's Bill Cooper and Daniel Tavarez trying to win $4,000.  Check out the video:
Now that's a nice rear naked choke

This video is from the UFC Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. Ricco Rodriques goes up against the bigger Robert McConkie, but Ricco's Chingajitsu prevails and he finishes with a nice armbar.

In this video Alec Kearns and Paul McDonough battler it out at the 2010 Nationals.  That kimura was locked on tight!

Check in soon for more exciting matches from Grapplers Quest in Part 2.