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UFC 118 Weigh Ins

For the most part, the weigh-ins were mostly uneventful. No one decided to shove anyone else or throw chingasos before the actual event. However, the UFC 118 weigh-ins did present a few noteworthy instances.

Gabe Ruediger presented Joe Lauzon a cake that said, “Sorry for Your Loss”. Lauzon looked like he took it in stride. We’ll see what happens after he lets it sink in. Will he have more motivation to throw chingasos? We’ll see tomorrow.

James Toney will be making his MMA debut tomorrow. The crowd booed him as he stepped up on the stage. James seemed to enjoy the crowd reaction and even encouraged everyone to bring on the boos. He started to take off his clothes to weigh in, and he resembled a plumber. He got a good laugh when he bent down and some of his upper butt was exposed. He laughed it up a bit, but he did appear a bit embarrassed.

Randy Couture walked on stage to chants of “Randy, Randy, Randy”. Couture smiled and proceeded to weigh in. The crowd was as much pro Couture as they were pro MMA.

Toney said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night.” We’ll see how well prepared he actually is tomorrow night. At 237, he looked to be carrying quite a bit of fat. However, his ground game, not his physique, will be his biggest issue.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming James Toney to the MMA world”, said Randy Couture. Couture has said that he is not getting caught up in the MMA versus boxing debate. Perhaps he is giving it some thought.

BJ Penn told the crowd, “The fight is not just about me. It’s about Dana white bringing UFC 118 to Boston.” Frankie Edgar pretty much echoed Penn’s response. There was no trash talking.

The following are the results from the weigh-ins for UFC 118 in Boston.


Mike Pierce 171 vs Amilcar Alves 171

Nick Osipczak 171 vs Greg Soto 170

Dan Miller 185 vs John Salter 185

Live on Spike TV

Andre Winner 154 vs Nik Lentz 155

Joe Lauzon 156 vs Gabe Ruediger 155

Pay Per View

Demian Maia 184 vs Mario Miranda 185

Nate Diaz 171 vs Marcus Davis 170

Kenny Florian 156 vs Gray Maynard 156

James Toney 237 vs. Randy Couture 220

BJ Penn 154 vs. Frankie Edgar 154