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UFC 118 Results

Mike Pierce vs. Amilcar Alves
Pierce used his wrestling effectively to dominate the fight. Pierce won with an armbar in the third round.

Nick Osipczak vs. Greg Soto
Osipczak cut Soto at the end of the first round. The doctor checked Soto, but the doctor allowed the fight to continue. Despite the cut, the fight ended up being close. In the end, it was Soto that took the unanimous decision.

Dan Miller vs. John Salter
In the first round, these two men met in the middle of the Octagon and threw chingasos. However, Salter did get a takedown, and Miller worked his guard by going for submissions. They stood up again and decided to head back to the center of the Octagon to throw more chingasos. In the second, Miller and Salter once again got in the middle to throw chingasos. Salter shot in on Miller, but Miller latched on to Salter’s neck and did not let go. Mill got the win when Salter tapped.

Live on Spike TV
Andre Winner vs. Nik Lentz
First on the free fights televised by Spike TV was the bout between Andre Winner and Nik Lentz. During the first round Lentz was relentless with his wrestling attack, pressing Winner against the cage and going for takedowns. Despite Lentz’s aggressiveness, Winner was able to land some chingasos. To begin the second round, Winner was able to hold off Lentz’s wrestling. Still, Lentz got a couple of takedowns. Lentz once again used his wrestling to control the third round, even taking Winner’s back at one point. Lentz won a unanimous decision.

Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger
In this fight, Lauzon truly put on an MMA clinic. Lauzon completely outclassed Ruediger in every facet of the game. Lauzon used punches to get in and clinch, and take the fight to the ground. Lauzon had a relentless attack from the top, raining down elbows, taking the back, and throwing heavy chingasos. Lauzon threw a few more chingasos, and went for and got the armbar.

Pay Per View
Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis
To kick off the pay per view, Nate Diaz and Marcus Davis met in the Octagon. Diaz came out completely confident, or cocky, depending on your point of view. There was no doubt that Diaz wanted to throw chingasos. Both men threw good combinations, but Davis won the first exchange, getting Diaz to the ground. Diaz used his jiu jitsu to get back up and start throwing more chingasos. They both had good exchanges again, but it was Diaz that cut Davis. In the second, Diaz peppered Davis with jabs, crosses, and hooks the whole round. Davis started using kicks effectively, but it did not appear to be enough. Davis’s cuts also got bigger as the round ended. Diaz began the third round the same way, landing one chingasos after another. Diaz used his chingasos to get in, clinch, and get the takedown. Once on the ground, Diaz slapped on a guillotine and put Davis to sleep.

Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard
Both men came out very respectful of each other’s skills, which some people might describe as boring. Florian came out with a very low stance to avoid takedowns. For the first half of the round, the two men just felt out each other. Florian did throw a couple of head kicks, not causing much damage, however. Maynard shot in and eventually got the takedown with Florian quickly getting guard. In the second, both men again came out tentative. Finally, Maynard shot in for a takedown. Maynard was able to land an elbow and open up Florian. The round ended with Maynard dominating the top position. In the third round, Florian opened up a bit, landing chingasos with his legs. They did not cause much damage, but Maynard still decided to shoot in. Maynard got the takedown and would not allow Florian to reverse him. At one point, Florian came close to getting an omaplata, but Maynard fought it off. Maynard won the unanimous decision.

Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda
To begin the fight, Maia threw chingasos to get in and drive Miranda against the Octagon and put him on the mat. Maia landed a few knee shots to the body. Maia worked the top position, and eventually got to Miranda’s back. Maia went for the submission, but Miranda escaped. In the second, Maia shot in and eventually got the takedown. He used the top position to land chingasos while working to get the mount. In the mount, Maia threw chingasos to set up a submission attempt. Maia rolled to an armbar, but his hands slipped and Miranda escaped once again. In the third, Maia went for the single leg again then secured the back position. While Maia was not able to get a submission, he did dominate from the top. Maia worked the whole round to get a submission. Maia won the unanimous decision.

James Toney vs. Randy Couture
The co-main event of UFC 118 featured James Toney vs. Randy Couture. This fight sparked the MMA vs. boxing debate. Toney did his part with his trash talking. This fight was Toney’s opportunity to back up his words. However, few people actually believed that Toney had a chance.

Right away Couture threw a couple of leg kicks and shot in with an ankle pick. Couture got the mount, and started to work his ground and pound. He worked Toney up against the cage, and attempted a head and arm choke. Toney fought it off. Couture reworked the position, and this time Toney had no luck. Toney tapped to the arm triangle. Perhaps boxing fans were hopeful, but it is doubtful that the results surprised many people.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
After their first fight, it was common to hear that Penn was not his usual self. The BJ Penn camp claimed that Penn was not motivated before their first fight. Penn’s fans were eager to see a motivated Penn reclaim his title. They hoped it was true that he was motivated for this fight, and that he trained extremely hard to get his belt back.

To begin the fight, both men came out throwing chingasos. They clinched and Edgar was able to throw Penn to the ground. Penn worked for the armbar, but Edgar escaped. Penn escaped and the fight continued standing. The men clinched up again, and once again, Edgar threw Penn to the ground. It looked as though Penn got a few hard chingasos in when they got to their feet.

Penn stalked Edgar for the majority of the second round. He landed more combinations than in the previous round. Penn fought off a few takedowns, but Edgar was eventually able to get Penn on the mat. The fight got back to standing with the fighters landing their share of combinations.

In the third round, Edgar used his quickness to land chingaso after chingaso. Edgar was able to land jabs, crosses, and leg kicks before Penn had a chance to counter. Toward the end of the round, Edgar went hard for a takedown, but Penn was able to hold off Edgar. The shots that Edgar landed were not very hard, but they were relentless, nonetheless.

Edgar rushed to the center of the Octagon to throw chingasos, to begin the fourth round. Penn grabbed Edgar and got a takedown. Penn mounted Edgar, but Edgar was able to get guard and work his way back to his feet. Edgar was able to knock Penn to the canvas with a leg kick sweep. Penn tried to work the rubber guard, but Edgar would have nothing of it. Edgar postured up and threw down a hard landing chingaso. The round ended on the feet.

The final round opened up with Penn working right away for the takedown. Edgar attempted to get up, and in the scramble ended up in Penn’s guard. Penn worked for submissions, but Edgar kept landing elbows from the top. The fight continued on the feet with Edgar looking as fresh as he did in the first round. He was still moving fast and landing chingasos.

Edgar won the unanimous decision, winning all the points. The three judges all scored the fight 50-45. Edgar left no doubt that he is the legitimate champion. The question is, what is in Penn’s future? Will he ever hold the title again? Will he learn to work hard all the time? Surely, Penn’s fans want to see him hold the belt again. However, we will have to wait to see if he can actually do it.