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UFC 117 Results

Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson

Big Country showed a lot of heart. But, as usually is the case when you describe someone as having heart, he lost. Dos Santos threw and landed heavy chingasos throughout the fight, but he could not finish the deal. Dos Santos still dominated and easily won a unanimous decision.

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes

Hughes was definitely impressive in this fight. He threw a left hook, a chingaso that put Almeida on the mat. Hughes followed him to the ground, and finished Almeida with a choke.

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Clay Guida

The first round was hard to score. Guida came out strong, but Dos Anjos landed some good chingasos during the second half of the round. In the second round, Guida scored a takedown and threw chingasos from the top. In the third, Guida got a takedown, smothered Dos Anjos against the cage, and Dos Anjos tapped from the pressure. It appeared that Guida busted up Dos Anjos’s jaw in the first round.

Thiago Alves vs. Jon Fitch

In the first, Fitch got some good takedowns. Alves was able to stuff one of Fitch’s attempts, and even got a reversal that landed him in top position after one of the successful takedowns. Most of the second and third rounds were fought on the ground with Fitch in dominant position. Alves put up a valiant effort, but the thirteen-month layoff was too much to overcome. Fitch won a unanimous decision.

Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva

Sonnen came out strong, landing a chingaso that stunned Silva. Sonnen controlled the rest of the first round from the top with Silva trying to survive. Silva landed some chingasos to begin the second, but Sonnen got the fight to the ground. Silva did threaten Sonnen with submission attempts. The third looked pretty much like the second, with Silva landing chingasos early but Sonnen getting the takedown and dominating from the top. In the fourth, Silva landed chingasos that stunned Sonnen. Sonnen looked wobbly as he attempted takedowns. Silva stuffed the takedowns and ended up on top. Sonnen got the reversal and smothered Silva for the remainder of the round. Silva appeared to slip to begin the fifth. Sonnen pounced on Silva and once again smothered Silva on the ground. Silva was patient and got his opportunity. Silva threw his legs up from the bottom and caught a triangle. Sonnen fought it, and Silva turned it into an armbar. Sonnen tapped, the referee stopped it, but Sonnen claimed that he did not tap. However, the replay clearly showed Sonnen tapping.