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Slamming Women in MMA

So you believe that “girls” can’t fight. You believe “girls” should not be allowed to fight. Girls can’t learn anyway, and girls definitely won’t be exciting. Dana White of the UFC has already said that he will not have women fighting in the Octagon.

Well, if you truly believe all that nonsense, you need to wake up. Ladies can throw chingasos just like the men. Remember, while Dana White said that he won’t have women in the UFC, he didn’t say the same thing for the WEC. In fact, he has shown interest in Gina Carano fighting for the WEC. Women can fight, throw chingasos, grapple hard, and show good technique just like the men.

A few weeks back Strikeforce held Challengers 9. This event featured two ladies, Sarah Kaufman and Roxanne Modafferi, who went at it hard. They had an exciting fight. There was a lot of technique being shown here by both ladies. Both ladies threw chingasos. Both ladies worked the clinch hard. Both ladies knew what they were doing when the fight went to the ground. And, the end of the fight was definitely chingasos worthy. Check it out.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is known for his legendary slams. In the following video, Rampage shows us all how to do it. Don’t let Rampage’s rap at the end bother you. It’s still a good instructional and a good move to learn. View it, learn it, practice it, and use it to throw a chingaso from inside the ground.