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MMA Fights In Pasadena

On Saturday August 14th, Savant Young and the Fight Academy once again brought sanctioned MMA fights to Pasadena with their third installment of Proving Grounds.  The Fight Academy cage was like the old Batman cartoons with a whole lot of kapows, pows, boffs, zaps, bams, blams and chingasos.  Oh wait...chingasos wasn't a phrase used in the cartoon but you smell what was cooking. And, let's just say it was a feast.  Nine action packed fights were on the Proving Grounds 3 card.  These MMA fighters were ready and eager to show off their skills in the Fight Academy cage, otherwise known on that night as the Proving Grounds!

Savant Young and the Fight Academy invited Chingasos MMA to take care of the video production and has also given us permission to host all the fight videos here free.  You can also check out the slideshow from Proving Grounds 3 on our Facebook Fan Page

If you're interested in fighting at the next event put on by the Fight Academy, contact Savant Young.
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