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Jon Jones Walks Through Matyushenko at UFC Live on Versus

The last time I wrote about Jon "Bones" Jones was when he defeated Brandon Vera at UFC Live on Versus 1.The title of the post then was "Jon 'Bones' Jones is The Real Deal" and if you didn't believe he was the real deal then, you should now.  Jon Jones walked through Vladimir Matyushenko like Matyshenko was just some slouch off the street, and that, he's not.

Vladimir Matyushenko is a gritty veteran that's faced some of MMA's toughest fighters.  He has a strong wrestling base that he usually uses to manhandle other fighters.  I thought Jones would pull out the win in a tough battle, but Jones cut through Matyushenko like a warm knife through butter.  

Jones started off the fight calculating Matyushenko.  He dodged a few jabs and then decided to go for a clinch.  From there he took Matyushenko down with surprising ease.  He followed that by passing Matyushenko's half guard and taking the crucifix position from side.  It was early in the fight so I thought it would be tough for Jones to hold that position.  Boy was I wrong!  Not only did he hold it, he used it to plant Matyushenko to the floor while he dropped some heavy chingosos via elbows to the side of Matyushenko's head.  The ref jumped in and saved Matyushenko from further punishement.

Jon Jones winning this fight wasn't a big surprise.  Jon Jones winning this fight with such ease definitely was.  The potential Jones has seems endless at this point and it's going to be interesting to see who the UFC throws at him next.  I personally believe he deserves a title shot.  He's proven himself on the free UFC shows on Versus, it's now time for him headline a UFC pay per view.