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Fight Academy Proving Grounds 3 MMA Fight Videos

Here are the free fight videos from the Proving Grounds 3 MMA event at the Fight Academy Gym in Pasadena, California.  You can view the complete Proving Grounds 3 MMA fight card with all the free videos here.  Enjoy the fights! 

Leading off Proving Grounds 3 was Chingasos MMA fellow writer Ricardo "Xapulin" Robles vs. James Puncell. Check out the free video.

Carlos Oviedo and Jonathan Kowalski stepped in to the Fight Academy cage in the second fight. Check out the free video.
Keeping the MMA action going in the third fight was Guilherme Vasconelos vs. Conan Mastrangelo. Take a look at the free video.
Gerasimo Luna and Isaac Velasco put their MMA skills to the test in the fourth fight. We hope you're enjoying the fight card and the free videos. 

In the fifth fight Matt Reis and Terrion Ware stepped inside the cage to do battle.Check out the free video.
Dorian Tharps vs Howard Lacroix continued the MMA action in Fight Academy cage in the sixth fight.
In the seventh fight Nick Lauro and Devon Castille walked in the Fight Academy cage to exchange chingasos.
Nick Huizar vs Anthony Nealy tested themselves and their MMA skills in the cage in fight eight.
In the final MMA match up at Proving Grounds 3, Oscar Torres  and Adrian Vasquez finished off the night exchanging chingasos in the Fight Academy Cage.

If you're interested in fighting at the next Fight Academy event, and testing your MMA skills, contact Savant Young or the Fight Academy Gym in Pasadena.