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Best of The West

Chingasos MMA made it down to Anaheim this past Sunday. The International Mixed Martial Arts Expo (IMMAE) hosted the Best of the West no-gi grappling tournament. There was a problem with the original venue, but you know that the show must go on. Congrats to the Best of the West officials for being

able to pull off all the last minute manuevering.

While there's no chingasos in submission grappling, there is still a lot of hand to hand combat action. We call it "chinga-jitsu". While the adults we're really putting in work going after submissions, it was also fun watching the kids work their submission grappling game. They set it off, shooting for takedowns, going for triangles, and reversing opponents. Enjoy the pictures from Sunday's Best of the West. They're on our Facebook Chingaso MMA Fan Page.