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UFC 118 Results

Mike Pierce vs. Amilcar Alves
Pierce used his wrestling effectively to dominate the fight. Pierce won with an armbar in the third round.

Nick Osipczak vs. Greg Soto
Osipczak cut Soto at the end of the first round. The doctor checked Soto, but the doctor allowed the fight to continue. Despite the cut, the fight ended up being close. In the end, it was Soto that took the unanimous decision.

Dan Miller vs. John Salter
In the first round, these two men met in the middle of the Octagon and threw chingasos. However, Salter did get a takedown, and Miller worked his guard by going for submissions. They stood up again and decided to head back to the center of the Octagon to throw more chingasos. In the second, Miller and Salter once again got in the middle to throw chingasos. Salter shot in on Miller, but Miller latched on to Salter’s neck and did not let go. Mill got the win when Salter tapped.

Live on Spike TV
Andre Winner vs. Nik Lentz
First on the free fights televised by Spike TV was the bout between Andre Winner and Nik Lentz. During the first round Lentz was relentless with his wrestling attack, pressing Winner against the cage and going for takedowns. Despite Lentz’s aggressiveness, Winner was able to land some chingasos. To begin the second round, Winner was able to hold off Lentz’s wrestling. Still, Lentz got a couple of takedowns. Lentz once again used his wrestling to control the third round, even taking Winner’s back at one point. Lentz won a unanimous decision.

Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger
In this fight, Lauzon truly put on an MMA clinic. Lauzon completely outclassed Ruediger in every facet of the game. Lauzon used punches to get in and clinch, and take the fight to the ground. Lauzon had a relentless attack from the top, raining down elbows, taking the back, and throwing heavy chingasos. Lauzon threw a few more chingasos, and went for and got the armbar.

Pay Per View
Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis
To kick off the pay per view, Nate Diaz and Marcus Davis met in the Octagon. Diaz came out completely confident, or cocky, depending on your point of view. There was no doubt that Diaz wanted to throw chingasos. Both men threw good combinations, but Davis won the first exchange, getting Diaz to the ground. Diaz used his jiu jitsu to get back up and start throwing more chingasos. They both had good exchanges again, but it was Diaz that cut Davis. In the second, Diaz peppered Davis with jabs, crosses, and hooks the whole round. Davis started using kicks effectively, but it did not appear to be enough. Davis’s cuts also got bigger as the round ended. Diaz began the third round the same way, landing one chingasos after another. Diaz used his chingasos to get in, clinch, and get the takedown. Once on the ground, Diaz slapped on a guillotine and put Davis to sleep.

Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard
Both men came out very respectful of each other’s skills, which some people might describe as boring. Florian came out with a very low stance to avoid takedowns. For the first half of the round, the two men just felt out each other. Florian did throw a couple of head kicks, not causing much damage, however. Maynard shot in and eventually got the takedown with Florian quickly getting guard. In the second, both men again came out tentative. Finally, Maynard shot in for a takedown. Maynard was able to land an elbow and open up Florian. The round ended with Maynard dominating the top position. In the third round, Florian opened up a bit, landing chingasos with his legs. They did not cause much damage, but Maynard still decided to shoot in. Maynard got the takedown and would not allow Florian to reverse him. At one point, Florian came close to getting an omaplata, but Maynard fought it off. Maynard won the unanimous decision.

Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda
To begin the fight, Maia threw chingasos to get in and drive Miranda against the Octagon and put him on the mat. Maia landed a few knee shots to the body. Maia worked the top position, and eventually got to Miranda’s back. Maia went for the submission, but Miranda escaped. In the second, Maia shot in and eventually got the takedown. He used the top position to land chingasos while working to get the mount. In the mount, Maia threw chingasos to set up a submission attempt. Maia rolled to an armbar, but his hands slipped and Miranda escaped once again. In the third, Maia went for the single leg again then secured the back position. While Maia was not able to get a submission, he did dominate from the top. Maia worked the whole round to get a submission. Maia won the unanimous decision.

James Toney vs. Randy Couture
The co-main event of UFC 118 featured James Toney vs. Randy Couture. This fight sparked the MMA vs. boxing debate. Toney did his part with his trash talking. This fight was Toney’s opportunity to back up his words. However, few people actually believed that Toney had a chance.

Right away Couture threw a couple of leg kicks and shot in with an ankle pick. Couture got the mount, and started to work his ground and pound. He worked Toney up against the cage, and attempted a head and arm choke. Toney fought it off. Couture reworked the position, and this time Toney had no luck. Toney tapped to the arm triangle. Perhaps boxing fans were hopeful, but it is doubtful that the results surprised many people.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
After their first fight, it was common to hear that Penn was not his usual self. The BJ Penn camp claimed that Penn was not motivated before their first fight. Penn’s fans were eager to see a motivated Penn reclaim his title. They hoped it was true that he was motivated for this fight, and that he trained extremely hard to get his belt back.

To begin the fight, both men came out throwing chingasos. They clinched and Edgar was able to throw Penn to the ground. Penn worked for the armbar, but Edgar escaped. Penn escaped and the fight continued standing. The men clinched up again, and once again, Edgar threw Penn to the ground. It looked as though Penn got a few hard chingasos in when they got to their feet.

Penn stalked Edgar for the majority of the second round. He landed more combinations than in the previous round. Penn fought off a few takedowns, but Edgar was eventually able to get Penn on the mat. The fight got back to standing with the fighters landing their share of combinations.

In the third round, Edgar used his quickness to land chingaso after chingaso. Edgar was able to land jabs, crosses, and leg kicks before Penn had a chance to counter. Toward the end of the round, Edgar went hard for a takedown, but Penn was able to hold off Edgar. The shots that Edgar landed were not very hard, but they were relentless, nonetheless.

Edgar rushed to the center of the Octagon to throw chingasos, to begin the fourth round. Penn grabbed Edgar and got a takedown. Penn mounted Edgar, but Edgar was able to get guard and work his way back to his feet. Edgar was able to knock Penn to the canvas with a leg kick sweep. Penn tried to work the rubber guard, but Edgar would have nothing of it. Edgar postured up and threw down a hard landing chingaso. The round ended on the feet.

The final round opened up with Penn working right away for the takedown. Edgar attempted to get up, and in the scramble ended up in Penn’s guard. Penn worked for submissions, but Edgar kept landing elbows from the top. The fight continued on the feet with Edgar looking as fresh as he did in the first round. He was still moving fast and landing chingasos.

Edgar won the unanimous decision, winning all the points. The three judges all scored the fight 50-45. Edgar left no doubt that he is the legitimate champion. The question is, what is in Penn’s future? Will he ever hold the title again? Will he learn to work hard all the time? Surely, Penn’s fans want to see him hold the belt again. However, we will have to wait to see if he can actually do it.

Can James Toney Beat Randy Couture in UFC 118?

I am officially picking Randy Couture to dominate James Toney in UFC 118. Most likely, he will do so coming by way of a takedown, some ground and pound, and then a rear naked choke. Nevertheless, there are a few ways Toney can pull out a victory over Couture.

Possible Way James Toney Can Beat Randy Couture #1:

Couture steps in the cage, forgets he is a world-class wrestler and MMA legend, and for some odd reason decides to make it a boxing match.

Highly unlikely as Couture has proven to step in the UFC Octagon with some of the best game plans in MMA .

Possible Way James Toney Can Beat Randy Couture #2:

Couture somehow slips during a takedown attempt and at the same time, James Toney lands a knockout chingaso.

When was the last time Couture slipped during a takedown attempt? Hmm, yeah this is also highly unlikely.

Possible Way James Toney Can Beat Randy Couture #3:

James Toney turns out to be some kind of MMA idiot savant and has become an expert on takedown defense. 

Hmm, now that I think of it, I'll stay with my Randy Couture dominates James Toney pick for UFC 118.

Check out the UFC James Toney vs Randy Couture Preview video.

UFC 118 Weigh Ins

For the most part, the weigh-ins were mostly uneventful. No one decided to shove anyone else or throw chingasos before the actual event. However, the UFC 118 weigh-ins did present a few noteworthy instances.

Gabe Ruediger presented Joe Lauzon a cake that said, “Sorry for Your Loss”. Lauzon looked like he took it in stride. We’ll see what happens after he lets it sink in. Will he have more motivation to throw chingasos? We’ll see tomorrow.

James Toney will be making his MMA debut tomorrow. The crowd booed him as he stepped up on the stage. James seemed to enjoy the crowd reaction and even encouraged everyone to bring on the boos. He started to take off his clothes to weigh in, and he resembled a plumber. He got a good laugh when he bent down and some of his upper butt was exposed. He laughed it up a bit, but he did appear a bit embarrassed.

Randy Couture walked on stage to chants of “Randy, Randy, Randy”. Couture smiled and proceeded to weigh in. The crowd was as much pro Couture as they were pro MMA.

Toney said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night.” We’ll see how well prepared he actually is tomorrow night. At 237, he looked to be carrying quite a bit of fat. However, his ground game, not his physique, will be his biggest issue.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming James Toney to the MMA world”, said Randy Couture. Couture has said that he is not getting caught up in the MMA versus boxing debate. Perhaps he is giving it some thought.

BJ Penn told the crowd, “The fight is not just about me. It’s about Dana white bringing UFC 118 to Boston.” Frankie Edgar pretty much echoed Penn’s response. There was no trash talking.

The following are the results from the weigh-ins for UFC 118 in Boston.


Mike Pierce 171 vs Amilcar Alves 171

Nick Osipczak 171 vs Greg Soto 170

Dan Miller 185 vs John Salter 185

Live on Spike TV

Andre Winner 154 vs Nik Lentz 155

Joe Lauzon 156 vs Gabe Ruediger 155

Pay Per View

Demian Maia 184 vs Mario Miranda 185

Nate Diaz 171 vs Marcus Davis 170

Kenny Florian 156 vs Gray Maynard 156

James Toney 237 vs. Randy Couture 220

BJ Penn 154 vs. Frankie Edgar 154

Best of The West

Chingasos MMA made it down to Anaheim this past Sunday. The International Mixed Martial Arts Expo (IMMAE) hosted the Best of the West no-gi grappling tournament. There was a problem with the original venue, but you know that the show must go on. Congrats to the Best of the West officials for being

able to pull off all the last minute manuevering.

While there's no chingasos in submission grappling, there is still a lot of hand to hand combat action. We call it "chinga-jitsu". While the adults we're really putting in work going after submissions, it was also fun watching the kids work their submission grappling game. They set it off, shooting for takedowns, going for triangles, and reversing opponents. Enjoy the pictures from Sunday's Best of the West. They're on our Facebook Chingaso MMA Fan Page.

UFC 118 Edgar vs Penn 2 Preview

The last time BJ Penn stepped into the UFC octogan he lost.  He lost, but he didn't get beat.  BJ Penn had a bad day at the office, and Frankie Edgar had a great day.  Even then, the fight went the distance and Frankie Edgar just barely pulled off the decision.  BJ Penn will not have two bad days in the office in a row.  He will be ready, motivated and will go get his belt back.  It won't be easy though.  I'm sure Frankie Edgar likes being the champ and is not ready to just hand it over.

Another intriguing matchup for UFC 118 and MMA fans is Randy Couture vs. James Toney.  I must admit I never thought this would happen, but it's here now and I'm excited to see what a UFC hall of famer can do to a hall of fame caliber boxer.  Can Randy Couture clinch and get the fight to the ground before James Toney lands a knockout chingaso?  We'll soon find out, but  I see Couture winning this fight by using his world class wrestling, unescapable clinch, and either ground and pounding with a barrage of chingasos or a submission that Toney will just not be good enough on the ground to defend.

Check out the preview video for UFC 118 Edgar vs Penn 2
Here's the rest of the Fight Card for UFC 118 that will take place this Saturday August 28th in Boston:

Demian Maia vs Mario Miranda
Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis
Joe Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger
Andre Winner vs Nik Lentz
Dan Miller vs John Salter
Nick Osipczak vs Greg Soto
Mike Pierce vs Amilcar Alves

Road To The Fight Academy Cage

I have fought before. I have done grappling matches. I have fought in Pankration tournaments. In fact, I have even done a smoker before. But, this time it was different. This time I had a full MMA school backing me up, The Fight Academy in Pasadena. This time it was a full MMA fight sanctioned by the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization, Inc. (CAMO).

When Savant Young, head trainer and co-owner of the Fight Academy, announced that the gym would be hosting Proving Grounds 3, I let him know immediately that I wanted to fight. Savant got back to me a few days later, and told me that I would be fighting at 160. I had slacked on my diet, and since CAMO has same day weigh-ins, I knew that I had my work cut out for me.

A friend of mine asked me, “Now that your are set to fight, what are you doing differently?”

“Nothing,” I replied. “I’m just making sure that I don’t miss any training sessions.” To a large extent, I guess that was true. After all, I am an amateur, and every aspect of my MMA game needs improvement. But, when I really gave it some thought, I realized that the answer I gave my friend was not completely true. I enjoy submission grappling. I like chasing submissions. In preparing for the fight, however, submissions were not my priority. It was a case of business before pleasure. Instead of focusing on submissions, I went for sweeps. I tried not to end up in bad positions. I purposely put myself in bad positions and tried to get out. Most importantly, I watched for the directions that punches would be coming from.

As the fight approached, I increased my intensity during training, and I started going to extra practices. I was fixated on my weight. I needed to lose weight, but I did not want to lose it too fast. I did not want to go into the fight weak from losing weight. Savant also started to ask me about my physical. I went on the CAMO website to figure out what exactly I needed to do. The first thing I had to do was to register and create a new account at http://www.camomma.org/user/register.

When I created the account with CAMO, it gave me a jolt that told me that this was real, that I would be stepping in the cage in a few weeks. After I created the account, I clicked on the tab that said “Forms”. The first link on that page said, “Athletes Application Package.” It says package, which makes it seem intimidating, but it is rather simple to get done. http://www.camomma.org/sites/default/files/Athlete%20Package%202010%201%2012.pdf

The most difficult part of the licensing process, for me, was getting the physical. It was pain staking dealing with the insurance company, and trying to get an appointment with a doctor. The problem was that I waited until there were only a few weeks left before the fight to set up an appointment. It took calls to the insurance company, calls to different doctors, and time searching on the web, but I finally got an appointment twelve days before the fight.

I printed out the package the day I went to the doctor’s office. The last two pages of the package are for the doctor to fill out. The questions on the form are all straight forward. Have you ever had diabetes? Frequent headaches? When was the last time you took any type of medication or drug? etc. They also ask for things such as heart rate and blood pressure, before and after hopping 100 times. While at the doctor’s office, the nurse drew blood to test me for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Like I said, everything was straight forward.

The week of the fight, I went back to the doctor’s office to pick up the results of the blood test. I got the results, all negative, and finished filling out the application. One of the pages is for authorization to charge your credit card $115 for the license. I am sure that this step is crucial for CAMO. Actually, it is not too bad. At least you get two short-sleeved rash guard, a red and a blue one, and a pair of MMA gloves. My final step was to fax all the pages to the CAMO office.

Saturday August 14, 2010 had finally arrived. After so much hard work, all the soreness and bruises, all the strict dieting, fight day had finally arrived. The first thing I did when I got up that day was jump on the scale. I was well within weight. I was even able to drink a few cups of water and eat a little before weighing in.

At the weigh-ins, I stripped down to my underwear and jumped on the scale. Both my opponent and I made weight. After we both weighed in, we did the mandatory stare down. When the stare down was complete, I went back to the dressing room to eat and wait.

About an hour before fight time, the doctor finished checking me one more time, and I got my hands wrapped. It was finally time. An official came to the dressing room and said it was fight time. I lined up with my corner. When the music came on, we started walking toward the cage. I took my time walking up, relishing every moment. I had worked extremely hard to get ready for this fight, and I was going to take my time to enjoy the moment. People from the gym had shown me so much love, encouraging me and giving me their full support. This fight was for me, but it was also for them and for my family. Thoughts of losing never crept into my mind. I had too many people backing me up.

I got hugs from my corner and my children before I jumped in the cage. I ran around the cage, once again taking in the energy from the crowd. Finally, I was in my corner and my opponent was in his corner. The ref looked at my opponent and yelled, “Ready?” He looked at me and yelled, “Ready?” I let him know that I was ready, and he yelled, “Fight!” My opponent and I both approached the center of the cage, touched gloves, and chingasos flew.

Here's the fight video:

Can Javier Vazquez Fight?

I know for certain Javier Vazquez is a good instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). A few years back I went to the Fitness Expo in Pasadena, California, and he was there teaching a beginners seminar in BJJ. The stuff he was going over was very basic, but the way he went over the small nuances was amazing. I knew he was not only a BJJ instructor, but also an MMA fighter and I wondered how good he was.

Javier is a veteran MMA fighter and recently fought in the WEC. Unfortunately, his fight did not make it on the PPV, but the Versus channel has made the fight video available. If you watch the video, you will notice it is almost a 101 on how to avoid taking chingasos while fighting a hard-hitting opponent. His takedowns and ground game were textbook. I highly suggest studying this video if you are a fighter, fan of MMA, train in MMA, or just want to see an entertaining fight. It will also answer the question "Can Javier Vazquez Fight?"

If you live near Rancho Cucamonga, California and are interested in training with him, check out his website www.JavierVazquez.tv

Strikefore Houston

Saturday August 21st, Strikeforce is set to entertain MMA fans with Strikeforce Houston.  Once again Strikeforce is putting together a nice fight card for MMA fans that will be available live on Showtime.

In the main event, heavy hitter and Strikeforce light weight champ "King Mo" Lawal will defend, not only his title, but his undefeated record against a tough Brazilian fighter, Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante.  Will Cavalcante be able to stop King Mo's power, athleticism and will to stay undefeated?  We will soon find out.

The co-main event will be a battle to crown the currently vacant 185 lbs Strikeforce title.  Submission specialist Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza will face off against Tim Kennedy.  Jacare is a beast on the ground, but will he be able to get the fight there?  Tim Kennedy will definitely want to do everything in his power to keep this one standing.

In two more televised fights, Heavyweight Bobby Lashley will try to stay unbeaten versus MMA veteran Chad Griggs and former champ KJ Noons will face off with Jorge Gurgel in a light weight match up.

Exchanging chingasos in the prelims are:
Daniel Cormier vs Jason Riley
Andre Galvao vs Jorge "Macaco" Patino
Vinicius Magalhaes vs Rocky Long
Adam Schindler vs Kier Gooch
Jose Santibanez vs Reynaldo Trujillo
Chad Robichaux vs Humberto Deleon
Chad Cook vs Arteneus Young

MMA Fights In Pasadena

On Saturday August 14th, Savant Young and the Fight Academy once again brought sanctioned MMA fights to Pasadena with their third installment of Proving Grounds.  The Fight Academy cage was like the old Batman cartoons with a whole lot of kapows, pows, boffs, zaps, bams, blams and chingasos.  Oh wait...chingasos wasn't a phrase used in the cartoon but you smell what was cooking. And, let's just say it was a feast.  Nine action packed fights were on the Proving Grounds 3 card.  These MMA fighters were ready and eager to show off their skills in the Fight Academy cage, otherwise known on that night as the Proving Grounds!

Savant Young and the Fight Academy invited Chingasos MMA to take care of the video production and has also given us permission to host all the fight videos here free.  You can also check out the slideshow from Proving Grounds 3 on our Facebook Fan Page

If you're interested in fighting at the next event put on by the Fight Academy, contact Savant Young.
Savant Young on Facebook
Fight Academy
Fight Academy Facebook Fan Page

Fight Academy Proving Grounds 3 MMA Fight Videos

Here are the free fight videos from the Proving Grounds 3 MMA event at the Fight Academy Gym in Pasadena, California.  You can view the complete Proving Grounds 3 MMA fight card with all the free videos here.  Enjoy the fights! 

Leading off Proving Grounds 3 was Chingasos MMA fellow writer Ricardo "Xapulin" Robles vs. James Puncell. Check out the free video.

Carlos Oviedo and Jonathan Kowalski stepped in to the Fight Academy cage in the second fight. Check out the free video.
Keeping the MMA action going in the third fight was Guilherme Vasconelos vs. Conan Mastrangelo. Take a look at the free video.
Gerasimo Luna and Isaac Velasco put their MMA skills to the test in the fourth fight. We hope you're enjoying the fight card and the free videos. 

In the fifth fight Matt Reis and Terrion Ware stepped inside the cage to do battle.Check out the free video.
Dorian Tharps vs Howard Lacroix continued the MMA action in Fight Academy cage in the sixth fight.
In the seventh fight Nick Lauro and Devon Castille walked in the Fight Academy cage to exchange chingasos.
Nick Huizar vs Anthony Nealy tested themselves and their MMA skills in the cage in fight eight.
In the final MMA match up at Proving Grounds 3, Oscar Torres  and Adrian Vasquez finished off the night exchanging chingasos in the Fight Academy Cage.

If you're interested in fighting at the next Fight Academy event, and testing your MMA skills, contact Savant Young or the Fight Academy Gym in Pasadena.

Strikeforce: Phoenix Challengers

Friday the 13th…Is there a better date to hold an MMA event? This Friday, Strikeforce will hold Strikeforce Challengers from Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The headline fight will be Joe “Diesel” Riggs taking on Louis Taylor. This main event fight will be held at a catch weight of 182.

The most intriguing aspect of this event will be the four-woman single elimination welterweight tournament. Four ladies will step into the cage to throw chingasos at 135 pounds. The winner of the tournament will get a title shot and take on Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman. The four ladies throwing chingasos for a title shot are Miesha "Takedown" Tate, Carina "Beauty But The Beast" Damm, Hitomi "Girlfight Monster" Akano and Maiju Kujala.

These ladies will take it old school and throw chingasos the way the guys used to do it in the original UFC. Strikeforce will hold a draw to determine the semifinal matchups for the two-round tournament during the weigh-ins on Thursday. The winners of the semifinal bouts will face off in the tournament final later that night, just before the main event.

The Strikeforce event will also include the following prelims:
Colleen Schneider vs. Liz Carmouche
Ryan Diaz vs. Chris Gruetzemacher
Christian Grosinsky vs. Jason Karpel
Jeffrey Anderson vs. Edmond Xhelili
Joel Champion vs. Sean Scott
Tim Worth vs. Rob Anderson
Andres Acuna vs. Edwin Louis
Frankie Sainz vs. Jace Crawford

Superman Chingaso

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a chingaso known as the Superman punch!  Knockouts, whether in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA are always exciting, but the Superman punch KO is something you really only see in MMA and it's always a fan favorite.

Check out this MMA fight video of Terry Laberdee and Chris Edwards.  Count the chingasos.  Don't worry, you won't be counting long.

Nice superman chingaso!

UFC 117 Results

Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson

Big Country showed a lot of heart. But, as usually is the case when you describe someone as having heart, he lost. Dos Santos threw and landed heavy chingasos throughout the fight, but he could not finish the deal. Dos Santos still dominated and easily won a unanimous decision.

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes

Hughes was definitely impressive in this fight. He threw a left hook, a chingaso that put Almeida on the mat. Hughes followed him to the ground, and finished Almeida with a choke.

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Clay Guida

The first round was hard to score. Guida came out strong, but Dos Anjos landed some good chingasos during the second half of the round. In the second round, Guida scored a takedown and threw chingasos from the top. In the third, Guida got a takedown, smothered Dos Anjos against the cage, and Dos Anjos tapped from the pressure. It appeared that Guida busted up Dos Anjos’s jaw in the first round.

Thiago Alves vs. Jon Fitch

In the first, Fitch got some good takedowns. Alves was able to stuff one of Fitch’s attempts, and even got a reversal that landed him in top position after one of the successful takedowns. Most of the second and third rounds were fought on the ground with Fitch in dominant position. Alves put up a valiant effort, but the thirteen-month layoff was too much to overcome. Fitch won a unanimous decision.

Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva

Sonnen came out strong, landing a chingaso that stunned Silva. Sonnen controlled the rest of the first round from the top with Silva trying to survive. Silva landed some chingasos to begin the second, but Sonnen got the fight to the ground. Silva did threaten Sonnen with submission attempts. The third looked pretty much like the second, with Silva landing chingasos early but Sonnen getting the takedown and dominating from the top. In the fourth, Silva landed chingasos that stunned Sonnen. Sonnen looked wobbly as he attempted takedowns. Silva stuffed the takedowns and ended up on top. Sonnen got the reversal and smothered Silva for the remainder of the round. Silva appeared to slip to begin the fifth. Sonnen pounced on Silva and once again smothered Silva on the ground. Silva was patient and got his opportunity. Silva threw his legs up from the bottom and caught a triangle. Sonnen fought it, and Silva turned it into an armbar. Sonnen tapped, the referee stopped it, but Sonnen claimed that he did not tap. However, the replay clearly showed Sonnen tapping.

UFC 117 Fight Card

Tomorrow night will be UFC 117. Here is the fight card. Chael Sonnen has been doing A LOT of trash talking. Will Anderson Silva make him regret those words? We will find out in 24 hours.


Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva

Thiago Alves vs. Jon Fitch

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes

Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Clay Guida


Rick Story vs. Dustin Hazelett

Rodney Wallace vs. Phil Davis

Charlie Brenneman vs. Johnny Hendricks

Todd Brown vs. Tim Boetsch

Christian Morecraft vs. Stefan Struve

Dennis Hallman vs. Ben Saunders

Slamming Women in MMA

So you believe that “girls” can’t fight. You believe “girls” should not be allowed to fight. Girls can’t learn anyway, and girls definitely won’t be exciting. Dana White of the UFC has already said that he will not have women fighting in the Octagon.

Well, if you truly believe all that nonsense, you need to wake up. Ladies can throw chingasos just like the men. Remember, while Dana White said that he won’t have women in the UFC, he didn’t say the same thing for the WEC. In fact, he has shown interest in Gina Carano fighting for the WEC. Women can fight, throw chingasos, grapple hard, and show good technique just like the men.

A few weeks back Strikeforce held Challengers 9. This event featured two ladies, Sarah Kaufman and Roxanne Modafferi, who went at it hard. They had an exciting fight. There was a lot of technique being shown here by both ladies. Both ladies threw chingasos. Both ladies worked the clinch hard. Both ladies knew what they were doing when the fight went to the ground. And, the end of the fight was definitely chingasos worthy. Check it out.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is known for his legendary slams. In the following video, Rampage shows us all how to do it. Don’t let Rampage’s rap at the end bother you. It’s still a good instructional and a good move to learn. View it, learn it, practice it, and use it to throw a chingaso from inside the ground.

Jon Jones Walks Through Matyushenko at UFC Live on Versus

The last time I wrote about Jon "Bones" Jones was when he defeated Brandon Vera at UFC Live on Versus 1.The title of the post then was "Jon 'Bones' Jones is The Real Deal" and if you didn't believe he was the real deal then, you should now.  Jon Jones walked through Vladimir Matyushenko like Matyshenko was just some slouch off the street, and that, he's not.

Vladimir Matyushenko is a gritty veteran that's faced some of MMA's toughest fighters.  He has a strong wrestling base that he usually uses to manhandle other fighters.  I thought Jones would pull out the win in a tough battle, but Jones cut through Matyushenko like a warm knife through butter.  

Jones started off the fight calculating Matyushenko.  He dodged a few jabs and then decided to go for a clinch.  From there he took Matyushenko down with surprising ease.  He followed that by passing Matyushenko's half guard and taking the crucifix position from side.  It was early in the fight so I thought it would be tough for Jones to hold that position.  Boy was I wrong!  Not only did he hold it, he used it to plant Matyushenko to the floor while he dropped some heavy chingosos via elbows to the side of Matyushenko's head.  The ref jumped in and saved Matyushenko from further punishement.

Jon Jones winning this fight wasn't a big surprise.  Jon Jones winning this fight with such ease definitely was.  The potential Jones has seems endless at this point and it's going to be interesting to see who the UFC throws at him next.  I personally believe he deserves a title shot.  He's proven himself on the free UFC shows on Versus, it's now time for him headline a UFC pay per view.