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Omoplata in MMA

A couple of days ago I was at a grappling training session when Dave, a training partner and I were watching a grappling match go on in front of us on the mat.  Paul was on the mat with another of our training partners and off his back transitioned from a triangle attempt into an omoplata attempt.  He didn't finish the omoplata, but was able to use it to gain top position.  At that point, Dave mentioned that he had never seen an omoplata in a "practical situation"  I'm not exactly sure what he meant by "practical situation" but I'm assuming he meant in a real MMA match or submission grappling tournament.  Anyway, long story short, It sent me on a quest to find the omoplata used to finish a fight in MMA.

After some time searching, I finally found an awesome fight in Strikeforce last November where the omoplata was used to finish the fight.  This is the type of fight that can turn a casual watcher of MMA into a true fan of the sport. Check out the fight video of Shane Del Rosario vs Brandon Cash.  A few minutes into the fight, the announcer in as state of awe, announces, "This is nothing short of a mugging!"  It was raining chingasos for Shane Del Rosario, and then....... check out the video!

If you're new to MMA or just want to brush up on your BJJ/submission grappling, check out  this video of UFC fighter and current welter weight champion George St. Pierre showing the omoplata.