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MMA Returns To Pasadena With Proving Grounds 3

Savant Young and The Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena have been at the forefront of bringing sanctioned MMA fights to the area.  Proving Grounds 1&2 where a big success, and now, to celebrate the Fight Academy's one year anniversary, Fight Academy will treat MMA fans to more MMA action with Proving Grounds 3.

Proving Grounds 3 is set for Saturday, August 14th.  The fights are not completely set, so if you're a fighter and want to showcase your skills and talent, contact Savant Young on Facebook or call him directly at 213-718-3886.

Both the previous Proving Grounds events where sold out so make sure to secure your ticket A.S.A.P so you wont miss your opportunity to catch some live MMA action.

Just to get you warmed up and pumped for the chingasos that will go down at Proving Grounds 3, check out one of the fights Chingasos MMA caught on video at Proving Grounds 2.  
The Fight Academy is located near Old Town Pasadena at 61 West Valley Street Pasadena, CA 91105