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MMA In El Monte

Last night, July 30th, Spar Star Promotions held a C.A.M.O sanctioned MMA event, “Mayhem”, in El Monte and welcomed Chingasos MMA to check out the action. As we entered the venue, we were surprised as at how well the event was organized. There was food, drink and seating for spectators that was well planned.

Starting off the MMA action was Sacha Feinnan from PKG and Michael Pollinger in a 145 lb match up. These two fighters traded chingasos and takedowns for three grueling rounds. Sacha's striking seemed a little more accurate and the judges scored the fight his way.

The next two MMA warriors that stepped into the cage were Cole Riley from O.C. Boxing Fitness and Jacob Rockymore from Legends MMA. Jacob quickly locked in a body lock and worked to get the fight to the ground. He finished the takedown, took top position and was able to pass Cole's defense. Cole managed a reversal, but unfortunately for him, Jacob reversed right back into good side control position and locked in an arm triangle that finished the fight in the first round.

Up next were Darence Atkins from Impact Fitness and Bill Burley from Unbreakable. This one was mostly all Darence and his athletic slams. Bill went for a kneebar that came really close to ending the fight, but Darence was just too strong and escaped. The fight went all three rounds, and the judges gave Darence the win.

Fight four featured Damon Lymon from Gracie Barra and Randy Romero from Team Destiny. Randy overwhelmed Damon with an onslaught of chingasos and secured a takedown. Damon did a good job defending with a solid half guard and made it through the round. Unfortunately for Damon, Randy opened up round two with a storm of chingasos that put Damon on his back where Randy was able to finish off the fight with a vicious ground and pound.

James Acosta from PKG and Keith Carson from Riverside Sports Academy faced off in the fifth fight. This fight went back and forth featuring some tough clinch action and chingaso trading. It was a tough fight to score, but Keith pulled out a split decision.

The sixth fight, Craig Dunlop versus Gerardo Flores, get my vote for fight of the night. In the first round, Craig landed a chingaso that John Wayne would have been proud of. It caught Gerardo on the nose, and it looked to be broken as blood began to spill in the cage. Gerardo did not panic and actually answered with a solid double leg takedown. Craig secured what looked to be a fight-ending guillotine but Gerardo was able to fight out of it, bloody nose and all. Craig went for a triangle but Gerardo was able to escape. The fight would continue into the second round where Gerardo was able to ignore the bloody nose, outwrestle Craig, get into a solid ground and pound position, and finish the fight.

Edward Chavez from Sub Factory and Richard Placencia from Team Destiny stepped into the cage for the seventh fight of the night. This fight quickly ended up on the ground where Edward established mount. Richard made a mistake while attempting to escape and Edward capitalized, taking an arm bar and finishing the fight.

The eighth fight featured Donovan Carboney from Galvan Combat Systems and Chris DeRoma. Donovan seemed to have a big crowd backing him, and used the energy to get the fight to the ground early. He was able to finish the fight there with a solid ground and pound attack.

The last two fights, Jeremy Gendreau vs Ronald Henderson and Anthony Olivas vs Eugene Marenya were cancelled due to a disturbance in the crowd that necessitated pepper spray to be used. Because of the pepper spray, the building had to be evacuated. Even so, it was a great night of fights, and I look forward to another MMA event/production from Spar Star Promotions.

The next C.A.M.O sanctioned event in the Los Angeles area will be Proving Grounds 3 at the Fight Academy in Pasadena.