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Guillotine in MMA at Dream 15

What happens when you come into a fight overweight and unprepared?  Well, it doesn't take an MMA expert to know that it's probably not going to go well.  Jake O'Brien went into the fight against Gegard Mousasi in Dream 15 so overweight that he was actually penalized with a 10% purse reduction.

Not only did O'Brien lose money, he lost the fight with a basic standing guillotine.  The guillotine choke is usually the first submission you learn. It's also the first submission you learn the defense to, so everyone that has the least bit of experience hates being tapped with it. I guess the only good news for Obrien is that he didn't have to take chingasos to the dome.

Gegard Mousasi was coming of a loss and lackluster performance, so he really needed a win to get back to the top.  While it was a nice submission win, I'm not sure it's the kind of win that will get him back into title contention just yet.

Check out the video.