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Brock or Shane, Who Will Win?

Coming up tomorrow is UFC 116 featuring the fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. These two giants, figuratively and literally, both have a strong wrestling background. Lesnar is the reigning champion while Carwin is the interim champion. Lesnar has only one defeat in MMA, but he quickly avenged the loss. Carwin is undefeated. So who will win?

Besides being humongous, Brock Lesnar is quick. He uses his strength and speed to shoot in and get takedowns. Once he gets his opponent on the ground, he likes to hold him there and throw chingasos. His great wrestling skill, size, and strength makes it almost impossible for any heavyweight to get up. Ground and pound is his forte.

Carwin, on the other hand, although he has the wrestling background, has not been known in the UFC for takedowns. Carwin is extremely big and extremely strong. He does not have great striking technique, yet his chingasos are too much for his opponents. He knocked out Gabriel Gonzaga with an arm punch. No technique, he just threw out his fist. Frank Mir is not your average heavyweight, yet Carwin was able to hold him against the fence, throw chingasos and finish Mir.

So the question remains, who will win? There is a good chance that Lesnar will be able takedown Carwin. But Carwin has wrestling skill too. Even if Lesnar gets Carwin down, he will not be bullied like some of the other fighters Lesnar has faced. In the end, I think Carwin’s wrestling and his chingasos will make the difference. I have Carwin winning this fight in the third round.