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Answered Questions at UFC 116

Two big questions were answered last night at UFC 116.  Brock Lesnar can take a punch, and Shane Carwin will gas after one round.  In amazing fashion, Lesnar was able to withstand an onslaught of chingasos in the first round and submitted a what looked to be a gassed Carwin with a head and arm choke (arm triangle) from side control in the second round.

Within the first few seconds of round one, you could feel how big this fight was.  While there was not a lot of action, fans where anxiously anticipating that one big chingaso that would end the fight.  Once they got warmed up, Shane Carwin was able to land a few punches that seemed to throw Lesnar off balance.  Carwin capitalized with a takedown and ended up in great position.  He started a vicious ground and pound attack raining down chingasos, including an elbow that looked like it would finish Lesnar.  In amazing fashion, Lesnar was able to withstand the attack, survived, and made it to round two.

In round two, Lesnar was quickly able to take advantage of a fatigued Carwin and scored a double leg takedown.  He immediately took side control and worked for a head and arm choke (arm triangle).  Carwin looked like he was defending properly, but the size and strength of Lesnar proved to be too much and Carwin tapped to the choke.

If you're an MMA and or UFC fan, this fight definitely satisfied.  Most fans believed the fight would end early, but a submission from Lesnar surprises the MMA world.

Check out the head and arm/arm triangle choke in action.