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MMA In El Monte

Last night, July 30th, Spar Star Promotions held a C.A.M.O sanctioned MMA event, “Mayhem”, in El Monte and welcomed Chingasos MMA to check out the action. As we entered the venue, we were surprised as at how well the event was organized. There was food, drink and seating for spectators that was well planned.

Starting off the MMA action was Sacha Feinnan from PKG and Michael Pollinger in a 145 lb match up. These two fighters traded chingasos and takedowns for three grueling rounds. Sacha's striking seemed a little more accurate and the judges scored the fight his way.

The next two MMA warriors that stepped into the cage were Cole Riley from O.C. Boxing Fitness and Jacob Rockymore from Legends MMA. Jacob quickly locked in a body lock and worked to get the fight to the ground. He finished the takedown, took top position and was able to pass Cole's defense. Cole managed a reversal, but unfortunately for him, Jacob reversed right back into good side control position and locked in an arm triangle that finished the fight in the first round.

Up next were Darence Atkins from Impact Fitness and Bill Burley from Unbreakable. This one was mostly all Darence and his athletic slams. Bill went for a kneebar that came really close to ending the fight, but Darence was just too strong and escaped. The fight went all three rounds, and the judges gave Darence the win.

Fight four featured Damon Lymon from Gracie Barra and Randy Romero from Team Destiny. Randy overwhelmed Damon with an onslaught of chingasos and secured a takedown. Damon did a good job defending with a solid half guard and made it through the round. Unfortunately for Damon, Randy opened up round two with a storm of chingasos that put Damon on his back where Randy was able to finish off the fight with a vicious ground and pound.

James Acosta from PKG and Keith Carson from Riverside Sports Academy faced off in the fifth fight. This fight went back and forth featuring some tough clinch action and chingaso trading. It was a tough fight to score, but Keith pulled out a split decision.

The sixth fight, Craig Dunlop versus Gerardo Flores, get my vote for fight of the night. In the first round, Craig landed a chingaso that John Wayne would have been proud of. It caught Gerardo on the nose, and it looked to be broken as blood began to spill in the cage. Gerardo did not panic and actually answered with a solid double leg takedown. Craig secured what looked to be a fight-ending guillotine but Gerardo was able to fight out of it, bloody nose and all. Craig went for a triangle but Gerardo was able to escape. The fight would continue into the second round where Gerardo was able to ignore the bloody nose, outwrestle Craig, get into a solid ground and pound position, and finish the fight.

Edward Chavez from Sub Factory and Richard Placencia from Team Destiny stepped into the cage for the seventh fight of the night. This fight quickly ended up on the ground where Edward established mount. Richard made a mistake while attempting to escape and Edward capitalized, taking an arm bar and finishing the fight.

The eighth fight featured Donovan Carboney from Galvan Combat Systems and Chris DeRoma. Donovan seemed to have a big crowd backing him, and used the energy to get the fight to the ground early. He was able to finish the fight there with a solid ground and pound attack.

The last two fights, Jeremy Gendreau vs Ronald Henderson and Anthony Olivas vs Eugene Marenya were cancelled due to a disturbance in the crowd that necessitated pepper spray to be used. Because of the pepper spray, the building had to be evacuated. Even so, it was a great night of fights, and I look forward to another MMA event/production from Spar Star Promotions.

The next C.A.M.O sanctioned event in the Los Angeles area will be Proving Grounds 3 at the Fight Academy in Pasadena.

UFC Live 2 in San Diego Sunday

The last time Jon "Bones" Jones stepped into the UFC octagon he demolished a tough opponent in Brandon Vera, securing his spot amongst the UFC elite 205'ers.  Can he continue his rampage through the light heavyweight division and get a title shot?  We will soon get that answer as Jon "Bones" Jones faces off against another tough fighter, Vladimir Matyushenko, in San Diego this Sunday.

Vladimir Matyushenko is no slouch.  He tore through the IFL going undefeated there.  His last loss was against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in January of 2009 and he is now riding a three fight winning streak coming into this fight with Jones. Matyushenko is a gritty veteran that's been in MMA since 1997 and will be fighting for his career.  He can not afford a loss at this point in his career, so Jones better be ready to avoid the takedown and unleash the arsenal of chingasos he possesses.

UFC Live 2  takes place on Sunday August 1, 2010 at the San Diego Sports Arena and will be shown live on Versus.

Full Fight Card:
Mark Munoz vs. Yushin Okami
John Howard vs. Jake Ellenberger
Tyson Griffin vs. Takanori Gomi
Paul Kelly vs. Jacob Volkmann
DaMarques Johnson vs. Matthew Riddle
May not be broadcast
James Irvin vs. Igor Pkrajac
Brian Stann vs. Mike Massenzio
Darren Elkins vs. Charles Oliveira
Rob Kimmons vs. Steve Steinbeiss

Judo In MMA

Does Judo work in MMA? Some say it doesn't work, while others make it work.  Regardless of how you feel about Judo in MMA, everyone will agree that it's an awesome thing to see when someone unwillingly flies threw the air at the hands of a well executed judo throw.   

Check out this fight video from the M-1 Challenge, Carlos Valeri vs Yuri Ivlev.  The ground delivers the biggest chingasos in this one.
Whether it's called a judo throw or just a wrestling throw/takedown, the hip toss can work if executed  properly.  Here's a good instructional video on how to perform the judo hip toss also know as a wrestling hip toss.

If you liked the arm bar finish in the first video, check out the arm bar in action.

Flying Arm Bar in MMA

When someone first starts training in MMA, BJJ, or submission grappling, you learn the basics first, but what everyone wants to do, is learn the exotic, entertaining, and or flashy submissions.  As you progress through your training, you realize that those exotic, entertaining, and or flashy submissions aren't  that easy, or even practical to pull off in competition.  For that matter, they're not even easy to pull off in practice/sparring.  So when one of those submissions, such as the flying arm bar gets pulled off, it's as exiting to watch as a successful trick play in football.  The surprise and it's low percentage success rate give it the "wow" factor that fans in any sport can appreciate.

Check out the fight video of Carlos Valerie and Daisuke Nakamura going at it at the M-1 challenge.  Not too many chingasos needed in this fight.

Here's a nice instructional video on how to do the flying arm bar by Submissions 101.  Give it a try!

Here's a nice intructional video by Submissions 101 on how to do the flying arm bar.

Women, MMA and Chingasos

I've said it before and I'll say it again, women in MMA tend to have some of the best fights. Unfortunately, they're not showcased as much as the men.  As a matter of fact, the UFC doesn't even have a women's division.  That might change in the future, but for now, if you want to see women MMA fighters you're going to have to watch them somewhere other than the UFC.

For an excellent example of what an entertaining show women MMA fighters can put on, check out the fight video of Gina "Conviction" Carano vs Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.  Gina was coming into the fight undefeated at 7-0.  Cyborg only had one loss on her record which was in her MMA debut and was coming into the fight on a seven fight winning streak.

Strikeforce did a great job putting this fight together and I hope they can set up a rematch soon.  I'd love to see these two fighters exchange more chingasos!

Guillotine in MMA at Dream 15

What happens when you come into a fight overweight and unprepared?  Well, it doesn't take an MMA expert to know that it's probably not going to go well.  Jake O'Brien went into the fight against Gegard Mousasi in Dream 15 so overweight that he was actually penalized with a 10% purse reduction.

Not only did O'Brien lose money, he lost the fight with a basic standing guillotine.  The guillotine choke is usually the first submission you learn. It's also the first submission you learn the defense to, so everyone that has the least bit of experience hates being tapped with it. I guess the only good news for Obrien is that he didn't have to take chingasos to the dome.

Gegard Mousasi was coming of a loss and lackluster performance, so he really needed a win to get back to the top.  While it was a nice submission win, I'm not sure it's the kind of win that will get him back into title contention just yet.

Check out the video.

Too Dangerous For MMA

Leg locks are no good. In fact, in many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) dojos, you are not even allowed to think about leg locks until you are a purple belt. Leg locks are too dangerous. In MMA, you shouldn’t go for leg locks at all. You end up in bad positions when you go for leg locks. You put yourself in vulnerable positions, especially when you go for a straight leg lock (aka Achilles lock). Your opponents will be in good position to throw chingasos.

Do you believe any of that? Then when do you learn leg locks if you start taking Sambo? Exactly! If you believe that leg locks are too dangerous for MMA, you should have a talk with Shinya Aoki. In Dream 15, Aoki took on Tatsuya Kawajiri for the Dream lightweight championship. Within a few seconds, Aoki shot in on Kawajiri and grabbed a hold of his leg with a firm lock. Both men rolled around for a while. Take a look at the video to see how the fight ended.

Here is a good instructional video on how to finish a straight leg lock. They do a good job of explaining the details that will make the difference between you getting the submission or you receiving the chingasos.

Omoplata in MMA

A couple of days ago I was at a grappling training session when Dave, a training partner and I were watching a grappling match go on in front of us on the mat.  Paul was on the mat with another of our training partners and off his back transitioned from a triangle attempt into an omoplata attempt.  He didn't finish the omoplata, but was able to use it to gain top position.  At that point, Dave mentioned that he had never seen an omoplata in a "practical situation"  I'm not exactly sure what he meant by "practical situation" but I'm assuming he meant in a real MMA match or submission grappling tournament.  Anyway, long story short, It sent me on a quest to find the omoplata used to finish a fight in MMA.

After some time searching, I finally found an awesome fight in Strikeforce last November where the omoplata was used to finish the fight.  This is the type of fight that can turn a casual watcher of MMA into a true fan of the sport. Check out the fight video of Shane Del Rosario vs Brandon Cash.  A few minutes into the fight, the announcer in as state of awe, announces, "This is nothing short of a mugging!"  It was raining chingasos for Shane Del Rosario, and then....... check out the video!

If you're new to MMA or just want to brush up on your BJJ/submission grappling, check out  this video of UFC fighter and current welter weight champion George St. Pierre showing the omoplata.

MMA Returns To Pasadena With Proving Grounds 3

Savant Young and The Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena have been at the forefront of bringing sanctioned MMA fights to the area.  Proving Grounds 1&2 where a big success, and now, to celebrate the Fight Academy's one year anniversary, Fight Academy will treat MMA fans to more MMA action with Proving Grounds 3.

Proving Grounds 3 is set for Saturday, August 14th.  The fights are not completely set, so if you're a fighter and want to showcase your skills and talent, contact Savant Young on Facebook or call him directly at 213-718-3886.

Both the previous Proving Grounds events where sold out so make sure to secure your ticket A.S.A.P so you wont miss your opportunity to catch some live MMA action.

Just to get you warmed up and pumped for the chingasos that will go down at Proving Grounds 3, check out one of the fights Chingasos MMA caught on video at Proving Grounds 2.  
The Fight Academy is located near Old Town Pasadena at 61 West Valley Street Pasadena, CA 91105

Knockouts and More Knockouts

Here at Chingasos MMA we are fans of MMA and want to promote the sport of MMA, as well as fighters, coaches, schools, training camps and anyone else involved with, promoting, highlighting and showcasing the sport.  With that being said, knockouts are part of the sport and this video is one of the best put together videos I've seen that showcases and highlights the MMA knockout.  As an MMA website/blog, I feel we owe it to the person that put their hard work into creating this video by exposing it to those fans that might not have seen it.  If you like it, be sure to pass it along.  By the way, it was made by youtube user Caposa5 and it's titled MMA-The Knockouts of 2009-Vol.1.

Which knockout in the video is your favorite?

Answered Questions at UFC 116

Two big questions were answered last night at UFC 116.  Brock Lesnar can take a punch, and Shane Carwin will gas after one round.  In amazing fashion, Lesnar was able to withstand an onslaught of chingasos in the first round and submitted a what looked to be a gassed Carwin with a head and arm choke (arm triangle) from side control in the second round.

Within the first few seconds of round one, you could feel how big this fight was.  While there was not a lot of action, fans where anxiously anticipating that one big chingaso that would end the fight.  Once they got warmed up, Shane Carwin was able to land a few punches that seemed to throw Lesnar off balance.  Carwin capitalized with a takedown and ended up in great position.  He started a vicious ground and pound attack raining down chingasos, including an elbow that looked like it would finish Lesnar.  In amazing fashion, Lesnar was able to withstand the attack, survived, and made it to round two.

In round two, Lesnar was quickly able to take advantage of a fatigued Carwin and scored a double leg takedown.  He immediately took side control and worked for a head and arm choke (arm triangle).  Carwin looked like he was defending properly, but the size and strength of Lesnar proved to be too much and Carwin tapped to the choke.

If you're an MMA and or UFC fan, this fight definitely satisfied.  Most fans believed the fight would end early, but a submission from Lesnar surprises the MMA world.

Check out the head and arm/arm triangle choke in action.

UFC 116 Fight Card

Here’s the line-up UFC 116 tonight. All fighters made weight, and they are all ready to throw chingasos.

Main Event

Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin

Co-Main Event

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Chris Leben

Live on Pay Per View

Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

George Sotiropoulos vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown

Live on Spike TV

Brendan Schaub vs. Chris Tuchscherer

Ricardo Romero vs. Seth Petruzelli


Kendall Grove vs. Goran Reljic

Gerald Harris vs. Dave Branch

Daniel Roberts vs. Forrest Petz

John Madsen vs. Karlos Vemola

Brock or Shane, Who Will Win?

Coming up tomorrow is UFC 116 featuring the fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. These two giants, figuratively and literally, both have a strong wrestling background. Lesnar is the reigning champion while Carwin is the interim champion. Lesnar has only one defeat in MMA, but he quickly avenged the loss. Carwin is undefeated. So who will win?

Besides being humongous, Brock Lesnar is quick. He uses his strength and speed to shoot in and get takedowns. Once he gets his opponent on the ground, he likes to hold him there and throw chingasos. His great wrestling skill, size, and strength makes it almost impossible for any heavyweight to get up. Ground and pound is his forte.

Carwin, on the other hand, although he has the wrestling background, has not been known in the UFC for takedowns. Carwin is extremely big and extremely strong. He does not have great striking technique, yet his chingasos are too much for his opponents. He knocked out Gabriel Gonzaga with an arm punch. No technique, he just threw out his fist. Frank Mir is not your average heavyweight, yet Carwin was able to hold him against the fence, throw chingasos and finish Mir.

So the question remains, who will win? There is a good chance that Lesnar will be able takedown Carwin. But Carwin has wrestling skill too. Even if Lesnar gets Carwin down, he will not be bullied like some of the other fighters Lesnar has faced. In the end, I think Carwin’s wrestling and his chingasos will make the difference. I have Carwin winning this fight in the third round.

Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin UFC 116 Video Promo

Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin facing off in UFC 116 is going to be a big fight, literally.  These two fighters are most likely going to be cutting weight to make the 265 pound heavyweight limit.  This means that by the time it's time to start throwing chingasos, they're both going to weigh in upwards of 280 lbs.  

It's not only a big fight due to the weight factor, Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin have demolished the competion, ending their fights early.  It's time to see who's going to be King Kong and rule the heavyweight class in the UFC, and MMA for that matter.  Check out the preview video and get ready for UFC 116.